Kevin Green talks Property, Soil and Social Housing

Kevin Green is an amazing speaker. He gave us so much information about his property strategies. Read about how he made his fortune and his strategies for property investing.

Last week I went to a property seminar in Stockport (Chris Rowells IPOP) and Kevin Green was presenting.  I’ve heard him present at the Make It Big Event which James Caan headlined back in October. So I knew he was a great speaker, he certainly lived up to expectations.

What an amazing evening!  I ran out of paper I was scribbling so many notes! He gave us so much content and value it was unbelievable. He over ran by 45 minutes because he wanted to share so much.  He first showed a clip of his Secret Millionaire experience, I normally am a wreck watching this programme as I find it so emotional, but I managed to hold it together! 

He talked about his success principles:

The 70/30 rule – 70% of your business needs to be investment vehicles, 30% needs to be trade, as you need liquidity.

In your trading businesses you need to find an identifiable need.  He talked about his soil business, he set this up because he loves soil – somebody needs to I suppose! But he has an amazing business because he identified  a need, he set a great price point with the end user so he could make a great profit and he can run it without any work. You need to think about your ROTI (Return on Time Invested).   He then added value to the product to increase his profits and started a soil consultancy.  This of course is not just applicable to soil, but any business. 

He then went onto to talk about some of his property strategies:

Social Housing – this sounded like an amazing strategy to implement – no letting agent, no management, no voids – guaranteed income – I will certainly be looking into this one. 

Shared Housing

Asylum Seeker Accommodation

Kevin said that you need to have a Property Tax Advisor as well as an accountant.  One of Kevin’s goal is to pay off all his loans on his properties.  If you reduce the loan the cash flow goes up, making it a very safe investment. I love this strategy and it’s one that Alec and are working towards.

He gave us details of some great ways to claim tax ie. Energy Saving Allowance, Energy Efficiency Tax. 

Make sure you have very clear goals and learn from people who have done it before. Ensure that you build exit strategies into every corner of your business. 

Kevin gave us some stats – out of every 100 properties that he looks at the details for, he views 20, offers on 10 and buys 1.  There was so much more too on the property strategy side, it was unbelievable.

He also talked about the 4 traits of successful people which he had learned from his interviews with Bill Gates and Richard Branson:

  1. Self Awareness – what are you good at; bad at; what do you enjoy doing.

  2. Self Belief

  3. Persistence – when you need to drive hard.

  4. Human Resources – Any person is only as successful as the people they surround themselves with

It was a fabulous evening and I learnt so much from Kevin. I’ll certainly be looking to book onto his new course later in the year.

Did you go this event or have you seen Kevin Green present - please comment on the blog and let us know your thoughts.

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