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It isn’t always easy making a quick sale on your home, and this could be a bit problematic if you are in a hurry to sell. Whether you have been transferred to a new location at work or are trying to downsize to keep the cost of living reasonable, there are a million and one reasons why you may wish to sell your home quickly and get on with your life. If you have had your home on the market for any length of time and are wondering why you haven’t any offers yet, perhaps you aren’t highlighting the right things. Today’s homebuyer is a new generation and they aren’t always keen on what previous generations wanted in a home. Here is some of what you might want to think about when listing your home for sale.

Location Is No Longer Everything

There was a time when location truly was everything. In fact, the realtor’s mantra was “Location! Location! Location!” for as long as anyone can remember. Whilst location is often an important factor, as is price, there are other features this new generation of property buyers search for when looking for a home. In fact, national property buyers are cognisant of these newer trends and being experts in real estate, they can tailor marketing to suit the needs of buyers.

These companies buy up properties daily and are better able to sit on them until the right homebuyer comes along. Even homes that don’t match any search criteria today can be well sought after tomorrow, but do you have that long to wait? Consider some of the following online searches to get a better feel for what 21st century homebuyers are after.

Detached Single Family Dwellings

At the head of the search terms falls the word, “detached.” Oddly, although many homebuyers are seeking detached, single family homes, mostly in rural areas, they often work in the city. Today’s homebuyer is looking to live a more sedentary lifestyle at home, away from the bustling crowds of a city and are willing to travel distances daily in order to achieve that quiet enjoyment.

Rural Enters into Most Searches

Rural is another keyword which tops the list of what homebuyers are searching for. Of course, most of the other search terms imply that a home is in a rural setting. For example, there are few detached homes for sale in cities the size of London so rural is implied. The same goes for other terms which we’ll come to in a few moments such as “cottage,” “acres,” and “bungalow.” Can you imagine selling a home in the City with acreage? Today’s homebuyer is unlikely to have billions of pounds at their disposal to spend on a home! Even so, rural and acreage are probably the only two search terms that wouldn’t describe a property in a major metropolitan area.

Garages Are in Great Demand

Oddly, although many workers are willing to commute to their places of employment when living in a rural area, they often opt for public transport which is ultimately faster when you consider the congested roadways. Whether they choose to purchase a property close to a train or bus stop or are going to drive a short distance to a car park on workdays, having a garage for their car is of vital importance. Bear in mind that next to the family home, a vehicle is the second largest investment most families will make and why protecting their vehicle is of prime importance.

Today’s Homebuyer Has Gone Green

This particular category has various search terms related to the idea of sustainable housing. Some homebuyers seek alternative electric and heat sources whilst others are looking for a home with a garden. In terms of search words identified by Zoopla, “garden” is the sixth most popular. Not only does today’s homebuyer want to dabble in growing a bit of organic produce for family consumption, but they are also looking to get more enjoyment out of this rich and beautiful planet they live on. Now you can begin to see a grouping that falls nicely together. A rural, detached home with a garden fits the perfect mindset of a Millennial! This home may be on “acreage” and it may be a “bungalow” or “cottage,” two of the top ten search terms.

Regional Trends Factor into the Search

Then there are those regional search terms that coincide with the abovementioned keywords homebuyers are interested in. For example, in the South West of England, those seeking homes are also likely to look for period homes or those with a sea view. The search for a home with a sea view is also quite popular amongst those seeking properties in Wales but in London you might see someone searching for a houseboat. London also sees more than its fair share of searches for properties that have a balcony. So, although the same core of search terms remains the same within the current generation of homebuyers, there are variations that pop up regionally.

What Homebuyers Look for When Viewing Properties

Whilst those searching for houses may not list everything they require in a home, there are key features they look at in some depth when viewing a property. Living space is somewhere at the top. When searching they may list the number of bedrooms and baths they require but the layout is also an important factor. Currently trending are homes with open floorplans because these can give even the smallest of homes a larger look. Open plan living/dining rooms are amongst the most popular layouts trending today as are outdoor living spaces. Outdoor kitchens are extremely popular, especially among the younger thirty-something crowd that loves to entertain.

When Location Is a Priority

Location is no longer the status symbol it once was and so if you find that homebuyers are searching by location, it isn’t usually in terms of status. Typically, you will see prospective homebuyers searching by location if they have school age children and are seeking a home in a good district. Perhaps NHS services near at hand are required or, as mentioned above, hubs for public transport. While today’s generation of homebuyers want a more sedate, rural lifestyle, they also want to be relatively close to a number of amenities.

Price as a Factor

Most real estate searches will provide a drop down menu where searchers can list the price range they are seeking. This is usually important but never more so than today when there are insufficient new homes being built and the prices of newly constructed homes are skyrocketing. Even though previously owned homes are in demand, your home may not be selling as quickly as you need it to.

If you are seeking to sell your home quickly, you can always conduct in-depth research for your area in order to list your home with the appropriate search terms to capture immediate attention or you can sell it quickly to a national property buyer and let them do the work and worrying. In either case, now you know what homebuyers are looking for and if you are on the fence about selling your home but find that it is feature rich in today’s market, it may be time to make your move. Don’t wait until the new builds catch up to supply and demand or you may not sell your home at all!

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