Are you looking to maximise your own portfolio?

Don’t have your own property but want to get into the property business?

Have you allocated all your funds elsewhere but still want to make an income from property?

If you answered yes to some or all of these questions – then you need to attend the live LHA and Rent 2 Rent – made simple webinar on Wednesday 16th September 2015 at 7pm.

This NO COST webinar is going to be hosted by us and presented by Mike Frisby.  Here is some information from Mike about Social Housing and rent to rent.

I have long been considered an expert in the social housing market, where I uplift rents within my personal portfolio by about 33 – 90% AND Ive been running a successful rent 2 rent business now for 5/6 years.

If you know or have met/heard of me, you will find, I’m an avid networker (well, I would have to be as a pin host).  I speak with a lot of people requesting funds in order to start their Rent 2 Rent business. Furthermore, they then go on to explain how the property will start to actually make money in year 2 or 3.

I was actually talking to a few people at my last pin meeting about this and I couldnt understand why people believe this to be a great business model.

Funding deposits, furniture, rent in advance, a paint job. This can all add up to be more than £12,000. So even if you are making over £1,000 a month, its a year before you get your initial investment back.   For some its longer.

How is this a good business model?

Youre improving someone elses property and what happens if they want it back after the first year? You may hear - well, its a great way to get going if you have no money.  Doesnt seem like it... and how can you leave your JOB if you have to pay back your investors?

I set up my rent 2 rent business 5/6 years ago in the depth of the credit crunch. I believe this was when the best businesses were started. As if you can make it work in the toughest times you have an absolute winner in the good times.

I also have a huge amount of experience in the Rent 2 Rent arena and have this by not putting any money in!!!!   I started my Rent 2 Rent business with NO money, not even other peoples money. NO MONEY.

This is why you are all invited to a NO cost webinar so that The Hanson’s & Myself can share stories & strategies with you on Wednesday 16th September at 7pm.

You’ll find out how I made just under 20k pa from 3 properties, from day 1.

So thats profit you can spend.    Not money to pay back investors.

We will be discussing some of the issues that rent 2 renter’s face such as – you think that you’re limited due to a certain size house etc. WELL, this isn’t the case - Imagine how easy this business would be if you could take on almost any property!

Through my experience, you will be shown, how I:

Uplifted a one bedroom flat from a rent of £625 to £895. Basically, I guarantee the landlord £550 and make £345 PCM - thats almost £4k pa for a one bed. Incredible!!!

So why dont you come and learn the best Rent 2 Rent business model, Ive been operating it for over 5 years now - so ive had the chance to perfect it.

We will also delve into how you can maximise your portfolio via the LHA system and will discuss various strategies on how to quadruple your rental profits using tried and tested systems.

Please register by clicking this link NOW:

We very much look forward to seeing you there!


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