We have teamed up with Insurance-Desk Services to provide you with specialist insurance coverage for your property investments. They can provide insurance for the following: 

  • Landlord Insurance
  • House Of Multiple Occupation
  • Rent To Rent Insurance
  • Airbnb Cover
  • Property Sourcing PI Cover
  • Empty Property Cover
  • Previously Underpinned Properties
  • Blocks Of Flats
  • Commercial Buildings


Whether you are looking for a quote, advice or cover contact them today – 01296 329610 or email them through jdp@insurance-desk.com. Don't forget to mention JDP to get a great price. 


Insurance-Desk Services is a small friendly brokerage which has been working with clients for over 14 years and consistently provides competitive quotes year on year on landlords, tenants, portfolio and commercial insurance policies as well as many other types on insurance. John Cox founded Insurance-Desk Services to aid many landlords who at the time were finding it increasingly difficult to insure properties that have tenants who were on benefits.

If you are looking for specialist insurance give them a call today, they love a challenge. They have an established client base and are proud to retain renewal business from 94% of their clients.

Free Advice

They offer free advice and have access to the Lloyds’ markets and aim to achieve the most competitive prices with the best cover available.

Same Day Cover

If you require same day cover – don’t panic as they can organise this or if you need to claim they offer a claims management service to make the process as stress free as possible.

In the current economic climate, we are all counting our pennies so to help you save as much money as possible they offer a price match service, monthly payment option, value added services and annual appraisal to ensure you always have the best cover possible for you.

John Cox Insurance Desk small

Whether you are looking for a quote, advice or cover contact them today – 01296 329610 or email them through jdp@insurance-desk.com. Don't forget to mention JDP to get a great price. 


The Necessity of Landlord Insurance

All business is an exercise in reducing costs and maximising income and it’s absolutely essential for business owners, just as it is for landlords, so they seek to reduce their costs wherever they can. Particularly in property letting, where short of buying a new property or increasing your rent, costs like landlord insurance come under particular scrutiny. It’s understandable that many landlords are keen to cut down on their insurance costs. Of course, if all goes well, it is something which you’ll never use! For some, landlord insurance is an essential and if you’re letting an HMO, you simply don’t have a choice over buying a policy. Yet for some, it’s a cost that can, but shouldn’t be avoided. Insurance as Credit The traditional way to view landlord insurance is to think of it purely in the negative, a little like a bill that gets paid. However, a better way...
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What is Landlord Insurance For?

It’s compulsory in many places for landlords to hold landlord insurance (also sometimes referred to as buy-to-let insurance), which is a specific type of cover for those who are renting out their property. It’s something that can prove to be very important indeed, with many people spending a good deal of time researching it to make sure that they have a helping hand should the worst happen. Here’s what it’s all about: Buildings Cover The main thing that this type of insurance covers, is the building and structure itself. There are many potential hazards that could leave a landlord very much out of pocket, ranging from fire risks, to subsidence to extremely rare occurrences such as terrorism. These are all things that can be insured against with one of these policies. Fire in particular is something that all homeowners must be aware of as it can be prevented, but then...
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Tips when comparing life insurance options

  Comparing life insurance providers is not any easy task. Whilst most consumers will often only look at the costs of products or services before making their purchasing decision, life cover requires a few factors to be considered before an educated decision can be made on which provider and policy to go for. Here’s what you need to think about: Benefits For example, will your provider include added benefits such as paying out early? Reputation of provider Ordinarily, the reputation of the company providing a service or product is paramount. This is even more so with life cover; the reputation of a provider provides peace of mind (and a proven track record) that dependents will be adequately provided for without any obstacles. Underwriting criteria It’s important to consider the criteria for which providers will evaluate claims. Will a simple doctors’ note suffice or is a full medical needed? If it’s...
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Stark warning from Total Landlord Insurance as landlord faces £1million Public Liability case

An ongoing Public Liability claim received by Total Landlord Insurance, which could reach in excess of £1million, presents a stark reminder to landlords of the need for adequate insurance cover. In the last two years, public liability claims received by Total Landlord Insurance have reached an estimated £1.7million. These claims are the slips, trips and falls by tenants that have taken place at a property where the landlord is found responsible and although often unavoidable, without insurance protection such incidents can prove extremely costly for landlords. In an ongoing case being handled by Total Landlord Insurance, the guest of a tenant, fell from a set of stairs and claimed that the stairs were not ‘fit for purpose’.  Because the claimant is of a young age, if the landlord is found legally liable as a result of negligence, the cost of the claim is likely to escalate into several millions including...
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A guide to home insurance

    With the economy in turmoil, it’s wise to protect your belongings in any way you can. This might mean taking out home insurance with a well-known company – so let’s find out more.   What is home insurance? Home insurance – also known as hazard insurance or homeowner’s insurance (HOI) – is a type of property insurance. It covers private homes and can safeguard your investment from a wide range of problems and incidents including damage, theft and loss of contents. There are many different policies available, but at least one of the people named on the contract has to live at the property. What does building insurance cover? Buildings insurance can protect your abode from factors that are completely out of your control such as fires, floods, burst pipes or third-party vandalism. It will put your mind at ease if an emergency occurs and will give you the financial support...
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