We have teamed up with Insurance-Desk Services to provide you with specialist insurance coverage for your property investments. They can provide insurance for the following: 

  • Landlord Insurance
  • House Of Multiple Occupation
  • Rent To Rent Insurance
  • Airbnb Cover
  • Property Sourcing PI Cover
  • Empty Property Cover
  • Previously Underpinned Properties
  • Blocks Of Flats
  • Commercial Buildings


Whether you are looking for a quote, advice or cover contact them today – 01296 329610 or email them through jdp@insurance-desk.com. Don't forget to mention JDP to get a great price. 


Insurance-Desk Services is a small friendly brokerage which has been working with clients for over 14 years and consistently provides competitive quotes year on year on landlords, tenants, portfolio and commercial insurance policies as well as many other types on insurance. John Cox founded Insurance-Desk Services to aid many landlords who at the time were finding it increasingly difficult to insure properties that have tenants who were on benefits.

If you are looking for specialist insurance give them a call today, they love a challenge. They have an established client base and are proud to retain renewal business from 94% of their clients.

Free Advice

They offer free advice and have access to the Lloyds’ markets and aim to achieve the most competitive prices with the best cover available.

Same Day Cover

If you require same day cover – don’t panic as they can organise this or if you need to claim they offer a claims management service to make the process as stress free as possible.

In the current economic climate, we are all counting our pennies so to help you save as much money as possible they offer a price match service, monthly payment option, value added services and annual appraisal to ensure you always have the best cover possible for you.

John Cox Insurance Desk small

Whether you are looking for a quote, advice or cover contact them today – 01296 329610 or email them through jdp@insurance-desk.com. Don't forget to mention JDP to get a great price. 


Landlord Insurance

Being a landlord can be a great way to make yourself a bit of extra cash in the short term and provide you with a little bit extra when you come to retire. Many go into the business of property with this dream but do not consider the costs that come with being a landlord. This is where landlords insurance comes in handy as it can cover you against all possibilities where you could come across financial problems. There are a wide variety of landlords insurance policies such as landlords buildings insurance out there, each ranging in price so it is important to pick out the right one for you and your situation. Landlords insurance will cover a wide range of situations under which your property may be damaged or you may find yourself out of pocket. Say your property was damaged by a fire or a flood, your tenants would...
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It is Not Just Landlords that Need Insurance

The majority of landlords in the UK are aware of the importance of insurance and get themselves covered with a comprehensive policy. However, whilst landlords stay protected most tenants do not do the same, with very few investing in tenants insurance. Although they do not own the property and are not responsibly for the actual bricks and mortar, the property does still contain all of their stuff and so insurance should be considered. Don’t Bank on Landlords Insurance The main reason tenants insurance should be considered is because it is highly unlikely that any of your belongings will be covered by the landlords insurance. The landlord will most likely have cover to protect the building, his own contents and the rent but not the contents of the tenants. In the case of a fire, for example, the landlord would receive compensation on his property but without insurance the tenants would...
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Adequate Insurance is Key

  A house is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make.  Particularly if you are a property investor as you may have many properties within your portfolio.  It is important to make sure you have the relevant cover for all of your properties. Its so easy to overlook the importance of having the right insurance cover.  You need to have buy to let insurance rather than a basic household policy.  If you have a basic policy you will probably not be insured adequately.  This is really taking an unnecessary risk. Landlords Insurance Landlords or Buy-to-Let insurance is quite different from a standard home insurance policy in lots of ways. One key element of cover is the unoccupied property limitations. On a standard home insurance policy this is 30 days. So if you leave your home unoccupied for longer than this, your insurer can refuse to handle a claim. Some companies...
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The 2011 home insurance postcode lottery

The cost to insure your home and its contents is steadily on the rise. Since January 2010 we have seen a national average rise of just six per cent or 2.5 pence per day, however new data from price comparison site Money Supermarket has shown that in some areas prices have rose by an astonishing 46 per cent. This is the sad truth for residents of Dorking in Surrey where their home insurance premiums have now risen from an average of £119 to £174 over the last 14 months. That is an increase of 15 pence per day. Greater London seems to have been hit hardest with five areas in the top twenty. Julie Owens, head of home insurance at moneysupermarket.com said: “Unfortunately for consumers, things look set to get worse with the increase in prices unlikely to slow down in the coming years. As our research shows, some areas...
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Can you put a price on life?

[caption id="attachment_1815" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Can you put a price on life?"][/caption] Of course not, no amount of money can ever compensate for the death of a loved one. However, whilst it cannot ease the pain, cash from a life assurance policy can help with the financial difficulties that often arise as a result. Where most people will have insured their home, possessions and car, often the most important element is overlooked – you! If you have life assurance to protect your family in the event of your death, you will receive peace of mind in the knowledge that if anything should happen to you, those you leave behind will be taken care of financially. Life cover will ensure that your family will have money at the time when they will need it most. So, how do you decide how much cover you need and which is the most appropriate plan for...
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