How to future-proof your energy supply


Few sectors of industry have seen more dramatic changes in recent years than the energy sector. From the wave of privatisations of the 1980s and 1990s to the increasing focus on green energy and responsible practices that have dominated energy discussions in the 21st century, it has been hard to keep up with the changes in the energy sector, which poses problems for consumers.

When you’re choosing your energy company, whether for a business or a residential property, you want to find one that can be relied upon, not just to provide clear and competitive pricing tariffs, but also to be able to provide reliable and sustainable energy for the long term.

Green energy

We know that our planet’s natural resources are dwindling, and that future generations will not be able to power their technological advances in the traditional way, with coal, oil or gas. Years of scientific investigation and a growing understanding of the fragility of our planet’s ecosystems means that we are now aware of the negative effects that burning fossil fuels can have, from the damage caused by extraction, processing and transportation to the contributions that fossil fuels make to global warming.

That’s why it is vital for energy companies to treat green energy as something more than a novelty, and important for consumers who are concerned about future-proofing their supply of energy to prioritise those companies that put sustainability at the heart of their operations.

Green tariffs and transparency

Many energy companies will claim to be ‘green’, but sustainability is about more than adding the colour green to your website! Companies that take green energy seriously will offer dedicated green tariffs that are completely transparent. It should be possible to easily establish where their green energy supply comes from through their website or by giving them a call. After all, if they are genuinely committed to green energy, they will want to tell you all about it.

Look out for companies that make it a practice to obtain Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) certificates. These are sold by the energy industry watchdog Ofgem, and enable companies to trace and to prove where their renewable energy came from.

And if you’re a business, concerned about the impact of your company on the local and international environment, look for an energy company that can guarantee you a 100 per cent renewable electricity supply, providing the reassurance you need to advertise your green credentials.

Transparency about the source and composition of their green energy supplies also indicates that a company is likely to be clear when it comes to all of their tariffs. The pressure on companies to provide more user-friendly tariff structures and the continuing influence of price comparison sites means that any energy company that persists with opaque or unethical pricing practices is not likely to have much of a long-term future in the modern energy market.

Green investment

The energy companies best placed to survive and thrive in the future are those that are taking an active involvement in the development of renewable energy. Companies that are investing in green energy through funding new green research and technology will be best placed to offer a guaranteed and reliable service in the future, as the pressure builds on the energy sector to provide more of its product from green sources and through green delivery systems.

Forward-looking energy companies will be active in seeking out new sources of green energy, scouring the country for independent energy generators, enabling them to gain more control over their energy supply and to offer a more flexible and responsive energy supply.

Community and future-proofing

All modern businesses are under pressure to demonstrate their responsibility credentials, and those that can’t convince customers that they are about more than shareholder return will struggle to sustain their business models. The best modern energy companies, and those that are most likely to be able to guarantee a reliable long-term supply are those that also devote resources to putting something back in the community, whether through supporting local community projects, making charitable donations, or taking active steps to help tackle the scourge of fuel poverty.

Future-proofing now

When you’re choosing an energy supplier, their ability to guarantee a reliable and effective energy supply in the long term is a vital consideration, and in the modern energy industry, that means you should focus on energy companies that are committed to a green business model, to open and transparent pricing policies, and to acting in a socially responsible way.

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