How office cleaning boosts employees’ productivity

Is it a myth? Or is there a single grain of truth behind this claim? Like many, you must also be asking yourself if a crisp and clean office boosts employee productivity. To clear the clouds of speculation, we must inform this claim is 100% true.

As per a report published by Canadian Federation of Independence Business, sick leaves cost around 3.5 billion Canadian Dollars to the government.



In scenarios like these, clean working places can reduce these leaves by about 50%. However, the question here remains that how office cleaning boosts employees’ productivity?

Let’s discuss that first;

Makes a Better Impression

As healthy as it is, a clean office is also very healthy to look at, it impresses people in a way, no words will ever.



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 Especially when your company is a startup, you will want to keep the place of your work extremely clean. People are always iffy while choosing a new company to work at.

When these people see a cleaner office, it will reflect that you encourage a tremendous and neat work culture, another reason to keep the office cleaning top on the shelf.

All the amenities like coffee machine, pantry, large cubicles and comfy chairs will lure none if they are full of dust and are not clean.

Clean Office is Safe Office

When it comes to offices, the cleaner they are the safer they will be. There are many things in every office that if not handled carefully can lead to accidents, accidents that could harm people.

So, when you are adopting the cleanliness of your office, you are also opting for the safety of your employees.


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Printers, scanners and all the other electrical devices should be cleaned as per manufacturers’ guidelines once a day.

Pantry and other delicate places of must also be treated with the same passion, this will emerge you as a caring boss, who is concerned for his/her employees.

Organization Is Mighty Important

Organisation is mighty important, why, you ask? It cuts down the amount of time the employees would waste on digging a pile of things to get the desired thing.

Keep things in a systematic way, think about finding a pen drive from a storeroom full of papers, think of the horror!

Acting all Monica (from the famous sitcom FRIENDS) won't be entirely out of the context, when it comes to working places, people may call you mad for nagging, but they will appreciate you for your system.

Uplifts the mood

Keeping the office clean is highly recommended too because it uplifts the attitudes of the employees. The better ambience plus better mood equals to higher productivity.


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Higher productivity is what every boss wants from the employees in order to earn more money.

Many other factors affect the productivity of the employs in a company. Nonetheless, these four are the most essential.


To conclude, cleanliness is also the best policy which whenever it’s followed, is resulted in reward. Also, if your office is too big for yourself, hiring commercial cleaning services is not a bad idea.

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