“Commercial” finance covers all scenarios where the funds are being used for business purposes. That could include:

  • property development
  • property acquisition for investment purposes
  • business cash flow
  • business expansion and a multitude of other circumstances. 

Commercial finance covers BOTH residential and commercial properties, as well as industrial property, land, student accommodation, care homes and so on. 

Given the vast array of lenders and therefore funding options out there, it really does pay to use the services of an experienced broker, to help you navigate through the marketplace and importantly present the most appropriate options for your circumstances. It’s a very competitive marketplace, and as such lenders are constantly amending and enhancing their propositions to retain or win market share. As such, staying on top of which lenders are offering what, truly is a full-time job.

At Positive Commercial Finance, we have been assisting clients for 10 years in finding the most appropriate lender and product, then assisting through the application process and even post-completion, which is particularly applicable to property development finance.

We have a huge number of property developer and investor clients, who are purchasing at auction or on the open market, to refurbish, develop, build, renovate, convert and even flip properties for a healthy profit.  Our vast experience is there for you to make the most of, to see these opportunities bear fruit.

We cover the whole of the market, so whether you are a first-timer looking to buy a property to refurbish and sell, or a fully- fledged professional developer considering the next mixed-use city centre development scheme, we can help.

Our funders can even extend to 100% funding, often where a property is being purchased at Below Market Value, or on a Joint Venture basis, and of course where additional security can be offered.

As well as short-term property finance options, there are also medium and long term commercial mortgages for owner-occupiers, commercial landlords and again for investment purposes.

Our team are always happy to help, and it goes without saying that an exemplary customer service level is provided as standard. 

Finance using a refurbishment strategy

A property refurbishment can give a significant uplift in value, provided you have bought well and the works are done to a sensible spec and budget. At the cheaper end of the market, you might find you are bidding against a first-time buyer who intends to live in the property, or perhaps against a builder who can carry out the works themselves, “at cost”. These competitors might well be happy to pay more for a property than an investor, given they might not be working off a yield, or against the same project costs. At the more expensive end, the finish will become more important, and yields likely to be slimmer, so choose your investment property wisely, and don’t let your emotions get in the way! Refurbishment LoanFrom a short-term (bridging) lenders perspective, a Refurbishment Loan would be applicable if there is an existing structure (property) which remains wind &...
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100% Finance Case Study

 Our property developer client agreed to buy a run-down property in a well-established residential area in North Manchester. The previous owner had moved into a care home, and an agreement was struck with the family to buy the property, before it went to market. The property was in need of a full refurbishment, but was structurally sound.As the vendors wanted a quick-sale, they accepted an offer of £205k on the understanding that the purchase would be concluded within a month. The developer was comfortable with this, having used bridging finance before and therefore being familiar with the process, and importantly how long it would take. Headline Deal Figures are:Offer - £205KOpen Market Value - £295KLender funded 70% of OMV = 100% purchase priceRefurb - £40KNew Asking Price £349,500Given the client knew he was getting a good deal, but wanted to keep his cash contribution down to a minimum, we suggested a...
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Bridging Finance

Bridging finance is a way of raising short term finance quickly and is usually secured against a residential or commercial freehold property (on a first or second charge basis). As a bridging loan is secured in this way, personal credit history is not always as relevant as with applications for other types of finance, so non-status loans are available. For added security, the funder may also deduct interest payments from the loan on day 1, which means the applicant (or the funder) does not have to worry about proving loan serviceability (but also means a lesser amount is available). A bridging loan is typically used to bridge the gap between a purchase and either a traditional re-finance or sale, and can also be used for auction purchases, land purchases, planning gain purchases, purchases of property in need of refurbishment/ conversion/ development or just for business cash-flow. Exit strategy is all important...
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