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How to calculate gross and net rental yields

While there are many ways to compare and contrast different properties, one of the simplest involves the use of gross and net rental yields. Once these figures have been calculated, it is extremely easy to compare and contrast different property prices, rental income and their comparative value for money. Even though capital gains on property investments tend to be the main focus for many people, cash flow is essential and gross and net rental yields are a useful indicator of value for money. Calculating gross rental yield The gross rental yield of a property is fairly straightforward although there are some issues to consider. If we take this example: Purchase price: £100,000 Annual rent: £7,000 Gross rental yield: 7% There is also an argument for including one-off purchase costs such as stamp duty (where applicable), legal fees, etc. If we assume additional purchase fees of £4000 the figures change slightly:...
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Why it’s important that your building is energy efficient

  Whatever your business, if you manage a commercial property with over fifty square meters of floor space, you require an up to date energy performance certificate. Government legislation has made it completely inescapable as a business, and failing to meet these requirements can result in massive fines of thousands of pounds, which can be entirely crippling for smaller businesses. Making sure your business is energy efficient is hugely important too. With climate change all too obvious around us, knowing your business is doing its part, and is fully aware of its own energy efficiency and CO2 emissions is useful and necessary. As a commercial property owner, it can have its own host of benefits, making sure your property has a good EPC grade, with the more efficient, and therefore cheaper to run, properties being much more attractive for rental and sale. What is an Energy Performance Certificate? Energy performance...
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Tools to value your property online

  There are an enormous array of property valuation tools available these days. So, whether you are simply working out how much your property is worth, or looking to move into a particular area, there’s a good chance you will have used one of the many tools out there already. But which are the best ones, and how do they work? We’re going to explore some of the basics of property valuation tools with you today - let’s take a closer look. How do they work?All property valuation tools work along similar lines, although each has its methods of collecting data. Each site looks at a broad range of data which includes details from the land registry, mortgage lenders, and property surveyors before arriving at their estimates. Some will only use this raw data, while others will ask you questions about the condition of your property, for example. So, now...
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Office Trends We Can Expect to See Soon

  Of course it’s always wise to be a bit careful when making predictions, particularly where technology is concerned, as anything can happen. Innovations that everyone touts as The Next Big Thing can sink with barely a whimper and the idea that gets smirked at or used as bloatware takes off and dominates. When it comes to workplaces, companies and office space providers want to be ahead of the curve, as this means more profit, better communication with employees and clients, more industry recognition and, well, an easier worklife. This drive helps with predicting office tech trends, because if it lightens the load, it’s probably a goer. Here are four techie trends that are taking off: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Smaller companies and start-ups have never had a problem with employees and contractors bringing in their own laptops and tablets to work on. Bigger companies, however, have often nixed...
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Energy Performance Certificates

Energy Performance Certificates have been introduced to help the Energy Efficiency of a building, from 1st October 2008 when a building is constructed, sold or rented an EPC is required.  Of course we all want our properties to be as efficient as possible. By April 2018, it will be illegal to rent out a property with an F or a G Energy Performance Certificate rating. Two years after that in 2020, the minimum requirement of an E or above rated property will apply to both new and existing lets and by 2025 all rental properties will have to have a rating of D or above. By 2030, the government have set the target that all rental properties have to be at least a C energy efficiency rating. Energy Performance An EPC provides a summary of the Energy Performance Certificates of the property in relation to construction, heating and hot water. An EPC...
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