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It is not always an easy task….Wondering what? Moving home...But the process can pass on smoothly when it is planned well in advance. It can also safeguard you from unwanted stress. While glancing at the UK rental market, one can find the drastic change which happened in the last few years. Its growth is really commendable and unimaginable.

“Property Rentals” has its own myth a few years back. The predominant one was that, it is apt only for students. Some even said that those who are unable to purchase a new property owing to their financial status ends up with the above. Renting has become an increasingly attractive alternative to buying by providing a number of unique benefits such as:

  • Flexibility – When you rent you agree to be in a property for a stipulated time, usually 12 months, it means that you are free to move elsewhere should you want to
  • Cost – When you do not own the property you are not liable for property maintenance costs

Property availability will change through the year and at certain times of year there will be more competition or less choice.  Mostly, the peak of the market is generally in late summer. It starts from July through to early September and you can also find yourself in the midst of the competition along with lots of other potential tenants.

Primary Reasons for Property Rentals:

  • Graduates relocate for new jobs
  • Families prefer to move in advance when they are changing the school of their kids
  • Corporate relocations occur at the end of the summer month
  • Students move for new courses
  • August Bank Holiday is often a good time to move as it is the last bank holiday of the year so you have an extra day to get things done.
  • In the same way, there are certain times of year where choice is more limited, especially in the festive season

Christmas is a time where only fewer people are inclined to move and accordingly fewer properties will be available. 

Rental Property:

Nowadays most of the people prefer to be a proud owner of a property. There are many reasons for this soaring popularity. One important reason is the available perks and also the very poor returns one get in terms of traditional investments.

Even though it sounds great when you are called as “Landlords”, one should also be cautious of the hidden agenda.

There are certain do’s and don’ts one should look for while buying a rental property. Even the estate agents in Bicester will offer a helping hand in identifying them.

Some of them are listed below (as per the estate agents):

First Investment Planning:

When it is your first investment, then it is very important to be extra cautious. Hence, one should do a thorough research of the market without leaving anything to chance.

What you should not do is that –having a preconceived notion that the money can be got with much ease.


At the time of purchasing the property, one should always look for the best deal around rather than laying hands on any deal which come across.

One should not prefer the first mortgage they come across in a hush.

Finding the apt Property:

At the time of buying a rental property, one should not buy the same just for petty convenience.

Before buying the rental property, it is always advisable to do a proper research about the area as it is very much needed for a long run.

Finding a Target Market is essential:

Another important and wise thing one should do while buying a rental property is that, they should first find out a target market and should purchase the property accordingly.

One should not be in the false assumption that a one-size-fits-all approach…

Proper planning of your Business Strategy:

Careful planning with proper strategies is very essential for buying any rental property.’

One should not ‘Wing it’ at any cost.


Before buying a rental property it is always advisable to look out for the pros and cons and proceed with them for a hassle-free living.

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