7 Interior Design Trends for 2019


January provides an opportunity to reboot your lifestyle, and there is no better place to start than transforming your décor. After all, it can determine your happiness and comfort within the home, so it is time to leave behind what’s bad in 2018 and focus on the new.

To create a home that continually wows every guest and makes you feel happy to be home each day, here are seven interior design trends for 2019.

  1. Floral Fabrics and Wallpapers

If you want to add a touch of beauty and tradition to your interior design, look no further than pretty floral patterns and wallpapers in 2019. Each design will inject both character and personality into the space, as the pattern is sure to grab your visitors’ eye. It’s one trend that’s set to be bigger than ever next year.

  1. Scalloped Furniture

Blue Planet not only wowed audiences across the world but it also seemingly inspired many designers, as you can expect to see scalloped armchairs and sofas hitting stores near you next year. The pieces are bound to become a focal point in any room, and will perfectly complement an ocean-inspired interior design.

  1. Mid-Century Modern

One style that very rarely goes out of fashion is mid-century modern, which is inspired by products, designs and architecture that date back between 1945 to 1975. Think classic Eames chairs, cocktail cabinets and slim-legged nightstands, which will add a timeless appeal to your décor. Plus, the style can complement almost any type of colour scheme or flooring within the home, which you can find at Kensyard.co.uk.

  1. Concrete Bathrooms

Concrete is not a new trend, but it will be all the rage when it comes to bathrooms in 2019. The hard-wearing material will offer a solid, industrial feel, which will increase a bathroom’s versatility and strength. It will also create the appearance of a more clean space, which can add a touch of luxury into your décor.

  1. Brass Taps

Harmonising well with a concrete interior are brass taps, which are ideal for both the bathroom and kitchen. It can add a splash of sophistication to a marble unit or can create a focal point in a cool, new kitchen. Brass can also contrast perfectly with a minimalist white kitchen design.

  1. Nude Colour Schemes

Dare to go nude in 2019 by introducing the warm, earthy, neutral tones into your bedroom, bathroom or living room. While grey hues dominated many homes across the country in 2018, many people may soon be decorating their properties with the sandy shades, which can make a room appear stylish, spacious and airy.

  1. Mixed Metal Accents

Mixed metal accents should also be at the top of your interior design 2019 list; however, you should ensure you use no more than a mix of two or three metals in one room. It can add texture and balance to an interior, as brass, nickel and gold accents can complement age-old iron or bronze accents, while pewter and silver can also work in harmony with either black or bronze metals.

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