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Many people misunderstand the term “digital marketing” and what it actually relates to. It is simply the process of promoting yourself online, building your reputation and using an array of different channels to gather leads and ultimately generate sales and profit. We are pleased to announce a joint promotion with digital marketing expert Andy Phillips for our readers.

You can see full details of the course here:-

The first live online training session is scheduled for 16 June 2020 at 7pm. So what does the course offer? 

Using digital marketing in property

The first thing to say is that our digital marketing training course is relevant to any business not just property. We know from talking with our readers that many of you have other businesses and offer additional online services. They can also benefit enormously from this digital marketing training course. 

The course consists of four modules which are:- 

  • Module 1: Targeting Your Perfect Client & Generating Consistent Leads 

The key to efficient and economic digital marketing is to target clients who need your services and generate leads on a consistent basis – preaching to the converted if you like. Anyone can throw a net over a crowd of people, reel them in and then find that very few of them have a natural interest in their business. Keep it focused, keep it consistent and don’t try to reinvent the wheel. If you find something very basic which works for you, keep at it. 

  • Module 2: Automate Your Online Marketing So You NEVER Miss An Opportunity 

There is a saying “strike while the iron is hot” which is never more apt than for digital marketing. If you have a potential lead that has shown interest in your services, whether through your website, social media or any other channel you need to respond immediately. This is why automating your responses will help engage with a client, keep them warm and ultimately build-up a rapport and trust which will eventually lead to sales. 

  • Module 3: Use Social Media To DRIVE Your Leads, Engagement And Sales 

Some entrepreneurs feel that social media is overrated, some feel it is oversaturated but the quick minded entrepreneurs will learn how to focus on niche social media users/sites. For many people, in business time and social time, social media channels such as Facebook are their first port of call when they require assistance. Imagine if every time somebody asked about a mortgage deal, refinancing rates or some other type of real estate service, you were there. It is possible! 

  • Module 4: Make It Simple For People To PAY YOU Online & Drive Cross And Up-Sells 

After you have “hooked” a new lead many people will sit back and strike up that proverbial cigar with the idea that they have done the hard bit. Wrong! You have not secured any deal or any business until the lead has paid. This is why you need to make the payment process as simple as possible, as visible as possible and also cross market between products/services to secure invaluable up sales. Just because you have a client’s email address and details does not mean they will automatically jump onto your site and buy something. Tease them, tempt them in…. 

Other elements to digital marketing 

In reality digital marketing incorporates such a lot of subjects that it is impossible to cover these in one article, hence the training course. There are other issues to take into consideration such as:- 

  • Building traffic to your website 

If you can attract potential leads to your website then this will increase your traffic, expand your mailing list and create priceless opportunities to sell and upsell your products/services. You will also find that you can charge much more for third-party online advertising as you build your traffic. If your traffic is purely focused on real estate then this is worth even more to real estate related advertisers. 

  • Social media is not just for socialising 

As we touched on above, don’t fall into the trap of assuming that social media is yesterday’s news, yesterday’s must have marketing channel and worthless to you. It offers the perfect opportunity to engage with like-minded people and also search thousands of social media accounts to scoop up potentially lucrative new leads. 

Transferring these skills to other businesses 

The whole concept of digital marketing is transferable to any online (and off-line) business although we are focusing on real estate with this training course. So, rather than seeing this as a pure investment in real estate marketing it should be viewed as an investment in all of your businesses. The ability to locate, engage and “hook” new leads which can then be turned into sales and profits is simple in theory and not always as difficult as you might think in practice. This course will show you where to start, how to test different strategies and ultimately secure payment and convert these leads into sales. 


In the weeks and months ahead we will be focusing on an array of different strategies with regards to real estate marketing. As a business owner/entrepreneur it is vital that you take action now in the depths of the lockdown so that you can come out fighting when the lockdown is over. You have time to learn those new skills and use this short-term downturn in activity to perfect different strategies and approaches. If you are quick enough this will ensure that you are in a much stronger position in relation to search engine rankings, reputation and sales channels compared to your competitors.

 You can see full details of the course here:-


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