Office Relocation 101: 7 Tips To Move Seamlessly Amidst The Pandemic

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The location of an office plays a critical role in the company’s success. Companies may move their offices to more strategic locations to make their businesses more accessible or their brands more visible to target consumers. Companies may also relocate to reduce costs and accommodate a majority of their stakeholders or employees.  

Relocating an office is never an easy process. However, the process is more challenging during the COVID-19 pandemic. Besides the standard relocation logistics, business owners need to ensure movers’ safety and the environment in the new office to keep the virus from spreading.  

If you’re company plans to relocate its offices during the pandemic, below are seven tips to make the moving process seamless:   

  • Secure A New Office Space 

If you decide to relocate your office, the first step to make the process seamless is to identify and secure a new office space. Be clear on the amount you wish to spend on the office and the type of space you need, including its size and features. Although you may find an ideal office space through referrals, the most effective way to do so is to check commercial property listings in the location you consider perfect.  

  • Know The Latest COVID-19 Safety Guidelines  

Acquainting yourself with the newest COVID-19 guidelines laid down by the government will also help you prepare ahead for the move. Ensure your employees are well updated regularly about changes in the safety procedures. Knowing the latest procedures enables your company to keep every individual who’s involved in the move safe. Your employees can also prepare documents and any other essentials that would be required during the move. 

  • Prepare A Safety Procedure Checklist  

Consider preparing a safety procedure checklist to guide your staff and movers during the moving process to ensure seamless office relocation. Preparing a checklist enables you to break down the relocation process into manageable tasks that make it easier for people to adhere to safety procedures.  

You may prepare a moving plan complete with tasks that you can tick off as they get accomplished during the relocation process. Further, ensure that every team member involved takes the requisite safety precautions outlined by government agencies and the company policy.   

  • Get In Touch With Your Movers Early 

Contacting a moving company early is critical to making your office relocation process seamless. Talking to them ensures that you confirm a reservation early and deliberate on the best moving practice. Most moving companies have established safety guidelines to reduce the risk of spreading the virus as well. Hence, staying in touch with the moving company allows you to agree on expected safety terms.  

Make sure that you are going for seasoned professionals when it comes to office removal services in London. This will help you save a lot of time, energy and money when moving your expensive and important office assets. You also need to take their help when it comes to packaging the things. No office or business establishment wants its expensive systems, servers or furniture to get destroyed during the moving stage and process. 

As you do that, inform the moving company whether any of your staff has COVID-19 symptoms to keep everyone safe. Providing this information in advance allows the company to enhance its protocols to keep its own workers safe.   

  • Clean Office Items As You Pack 

Packing office items, including equipment and stationery early on, is essential if you want a hassle-free relocation. During the pandemic, consider cleaning and disinfecting your office items as you pack them to ensure they’re free of the virus as you move them to a new office space. 

Further, ensure that you finish packing your stuff at least a day before the actual moving day. Remember that the coronavirus can remain on cardboard surfaces for 24 hours. Although workers from the moving company wear gloves, having boxes packed and staying untouched for 24 hours before moving them reduces the chances of spreading the virus.   

  • Avail Hygiene Product 

Although moving companies may provide hygiene products for their employees, you must have additional products, including paper towels, soap or disinfectants, and hand sanitizer.   

Having the products at hand also ensures that movers follow all the safety protocols to move items to and from the truck. If you have concerns about providing hygiene products in your new office, talk to the moving company in advance to ensure they bring enough supplies during the move.  

  •  Adopt A Flow Management System 

Relocating your office during the pandemic provides you with a unique opportunity to design a new office layout while bearing safety features in mind. This allows you to make your new office environment safer than your previous office, making it easier to keep viruses, germs, and bacteria from spreading.  

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Final Thoughts 

Businesses change office locations for different reasons. Although relocating an office from one premise to another is never easy, it’s much more to do during a pandemic. If you decide to change your office location, applying the seven tips discussed above can help you move seamlessly amidst the pandemic.


Written by Julie Hanson

Julie is passionate about property – development, investment and portfolio planning. Along with husband Alec, Julie is actively building a property portfolio while helping others to do the same.


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