Mat Rees is the CEO of Beneficial Life (London) Ltd.

Beneficial Life (London) are a network of independent advisers providing mortgage, protection and insurance advice. 

They are able to select products from whole of market which means that they can find the best deal for your circumstances.

MMR: mumps, measles and rubella? No, the new Mortgage Market Review.

What it means and how to retain an ability to finance deals. Just Do Property Interviews Mat Rees BSc (Hons) MSc - Chief Executive Officer at Beneficial Life (London) Ltd You can watch the 5 minute video here or read the transcript below.   Beneficial Life (London), is a fast-growing network in the financial services market of the UK. One of the topics that is highly prevalent in the news at the moment is MMR.  MMR is basically the Mortgage Market Review. To put it simply, it’s the knock on effect that results in lenders having to do a lot more checks, a lot more diligence on their clients and, ultimately, the brokers have to as well. So, what are the implications for self employed people or people who might not have traditional PAYE and payslips? It can be difficult for people to get a mortgage if they don’t have a...
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