Low-Maintenance Garden Ideas For An Investment Property

When you are managing an investment property, a level of care is vital to ensure the property is suitably maintained. For many, this property is juggled alongside a primary income or multiple other investments. Therefore, there is a certain desire to employ hands-off methods in order to support time, money and maintenance efficiency.

The area that presents the best opportunity for low-maintenance efforts with high impact results is the garden. In this post, we will discuss how you can create a low-maintenance garden for an investment property.

Real Plants Vs Artificial Grass

As we march into 2020, there is a growing shift of concern regarding the health of our planet. Artificial turf, though incredibly low-maintenance, is also expensive, owns a short life-span (in comparison to a ‘live’ alternative), and the length of time it takes to biodegrade is insane. There are no environmental benefits that are reaped from artificial grass.

On the other hand, because of its favourable hands-off attributes, artificial turf is popular. If you are looking to cover a small area, then it is understandable why artificial turf is preferable to property investors. Just apply a sense of mindfulness if you decide to go down this route. However, there are certain ways to combat low-maintenance, low-costs and low-carbon footprints, and this is through alternative gardens.

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Alternative Garden Ideas To Traditional Turf

Grass turf is cheap, straightforward to install and does what it says on the tin. However, with a dwindling trust in your tenants’ enthusiasm to provide upkeep, and as a busy property investor unable to provide it yourself, grass becomes a disagreeable option.

The solution? Low-maintenance alternatives, such as those below. With a plethora of benefits and a scope of contextual uses (that depend on your preferences), these garden alternatives generate both unique aesthetics and fulfil low-maintenance requirements. And the advantages don’t end there…


Enviromat is a type of sedum matting turf; a flower garden on a roll, if you will. When it was first discovered in the 1960s it was a popular option for green roofs (we’ll come to this in a moment) and then as ground cover for its self-sufficient and ecological advantages. Though it simmered into the background, Enviromat has come back with a bang! Enviromat sedums are robust against all that the British weather throws at them, unfussy, and ask for all but one feed a year. With no mowing, no dead-heading, and with an incredibly straightforward installation procedure, Enviromat makes a fantastic low-maintenance garden for property investors.

A green roof is when a building roof is covered either fully or partially with vegetation. This type of roof is becoming widely popular as we turn our focusses to renewability. Green roofs protect the roof while contributing to insulation. Enviromat green roofs are easy to create and the results speak for themselves. As such, the necessary time investment in the implementation of an Enviromat green roof is worth it. This pays off particularly for property investors with an interest in keeping time and money sacrifices to a minimum.

Ultimately, Enviromat is just as effective as a groundcover as it is as a green roof, and in any circumstance, produces low-maintenance results for investment properties.


Combining traditional beauty with modern necessities, Meadowmat proves to be a convenient solution to hands-free garden care. Similar to Enviromat, only replace the dainty sedums with flourishing wildflowers and an abundance of grasses. Wildflowers are notoriously tricky to grow from scratch, so Meadowmat is revolutionary for introducing wildflowers into your garden with minimal effort.

Installation and care couldn’t be simpler; unroll on to the prepared ground (*this must be low-fertility soil), perform a watering routine while the roots establish then allow Mother Nature to supply the rest. The result is a free-growing condensed English meadow in the back garden of your investment property!

Meadowmat comes in a variety of turf options, from Traditional to Cottage Mix, which means you can choose a type that reflects the property’s style. An exciting secondary outcome of Meadowmat is that you never know exactly how and which flowers will unveil themselves over time. However, as wildflowers are native to the UK and own perennial qualities, they are happy to thrive on their own accord; hugely beneficial for investment properties requiring low-maintenance.

Minimalist Garden Aesthetics

Often, a little can go a long way. With a lick of clean white paint here and there, greenery restricted to intentional areas (such as in plant pots or beds), and the addition of clean, light shades of gravel, you’ll achieve results that are reminiscent of traditional Japanese horticulture. Though this may require effort in the design and construction phase, this investment property’s garden will rarely present a future burden.

Alternatively, for incredibly low-maintenance gardening, you could opt for slate, paving slabs and bark chippings for immediate results, with a little effort going into weed suppression. Any combination between one of these and a version of the turfs above would maximise the chances of year-long ‘wow’ factor. Meanwhile, you will be awarded the low-maintenance investment property garden you require.

Low-Maintenance Investment Property

For all your questions surrounding investment property and for financial advice and assistance to gain the low-maintenance investment property you crave, get in touch with us at justdoproperty.co.uk! Despite being long-established, we are incredibly modern, knowledgeable all-encompassing property education platform. We ensure you reach the right people! Click here to find out more about us.


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