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Are you building a new garage or replacing an existing garage door? If so, you’ll likely be thinking about what style will best suit your property. If you are simply thinking a garage door is a garage door and functionality is more important than style, think again.

While functionality and durability are important factors when choosing a garage door, the aesthetics will make all the difference to the kerb appeal of your home. Your garage is an extension of your house so when it comes to style – it should be treated as such.

Just as the front door to your home makes an important impression, so do the doors to your garage. Choose carefully and you’ll be adding style and value to your home. We know it sounds dramatic, but make the wrong choices when it comes to the colour, material and style of your garage doors and it could jeopardise the saleability of your home. First impressions really do count.

Well, after spending time working with the number one garage door installers for Bournemouth, Mike James has put together this guide to help you upgrade garage doors, and add kerb appeal to your property.

Garage door style choices

2 kerb appeal

There are many types and styles of garage door. You’ll need to make choices in all the following features:

·        What type of material do you want your garage door to be made from? Wood, steel and fibreglass are the main options.

·        Do you want windows in your garage door? If the garage is strictly for parking the car you won’t need windows, but if you have a workbench in the garage you may benefit from some natural light.

·        What colour would you like your garage door to be? The choices are huge, but the colour should fit in with your property.

·        How do you want your garage door to open? You’ll need to decide if you want up-and-over, roller, sectional or side-hinged doors, as well as considering the option of automatic opening.

·        Do you want any decorative hardware? Adding accents to the garage doors overall appearance is becoming increasingly popular. Faux strap handles or a pair of handles at the centre of the door can add style and appeal.

There are so many choices when it comes to garage doors that choosing the right one for your home can feel a little overwhelming. To help narrow down your choices we’ve put together some hints for a variety of property styles.

Property styles and garage door tips

The architecture and style of your home should inform your garage door choices. If you dream of a modern garage door with automatic opening but live in a country cottage it would make sense to modify your ideal – so your garage door fits in with the style of your home.

Here’s some simple guidance to help you choose the right style of garage door to enhance the kerb appeal of your property. Get it right and it will definitely add to the style of your home.

Victorian or Georgian homes

1 kerb appeal

Panelled wood garage doors are a great option for Victorian and Georgian properties, and even work for new build colonial-style homes. A coach house or stable style garage door sits well with all these types of property. Windows in the garage doors can also add a sense of refinement. Try to match the windows, as much as you can, with those in your home.

The overall sense of the Victorian and Georgian properties is solid, well-constructed and welcoming. Typical Georgian front doors are solid and panelled with glazed fanlight windows at the top. Many Victorian doors have stained glass panels in the door itself. Suitably matching your garage doors with your front door is a great way to stretch the beauty across the front of your home. You may even be able to find some ironmongery such as handles from a salvage yard to add authentic finishing touches.

Edwardian homes

Many suburbs are heavily dominated by Edwardian properties and architecture. External decoration was more flamboyant and elaborate than in previous eras. Carved woodwork adorned balconies, verandas, and porches. Doors were typically large panelled and painted and featured Art Nouveau glass panes.

To keep with the Edwardian style, raised panels or sections to match an original Edwardian era front door works well. Arch-top or divided windows in the top section of the garage door will fit in with your beautiful Edwardian property. Make sure windows complement the ones in your house and don’t be tempted to go for something too fussy. Keep it simple and elegant.

Farmhouses and stone properties

These properties probably lend most towards wooden, or wood-style garage doors. It’s the stone of the property that should be standing out, not the garage door, so blending the door colour to suit your home works best and wood does that trick really well.

Conventional Redbrick homes

Don’t be tempted to make a brash statement. Stick to a more modern style of garage door and choose low-key colours. Browns, beiges and pale greens work. Larger more modern redbrick homes with bright white window frames can weather a white garage door.

Contemporary/modern homes

4 kerb appeal

You really do have the most design freedom with a modern home and making a statement with your garage doors is much easier than with older properties. Choose details and materials that make a statement or for understated and minimalist homes select garage doors that sleekly blend with your home’s style.

While panelling tends to be reserved for garage doors of older properties, modern flush panels work for contemporary homes and are perfect for an urban setting. If you’d like to have windows in your garage doors make them plain and rectangular, either across the top or down one side. Modern garage doors tend to be one piece with up-and-over opening. Of course, automatic opening is perfect for the contemporary home.

Garage door colour

The colour of your garage door is entirely a personal choice, but be very careful if you are thinking of choosing a bold and bright colour. Bringing uniformity to the front of your home will bring the most kerb appeal.

Good luck. We are sure your new garage doors will bring added style and kerb appeal to your home.

Written by Julie Hanson

Julie is passionate about property – development, investment and portfolio planning. Along with husband Alec, Julie is actively building a property portfolio while helping others to do the same.


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