Innovative & Stylish Ways to Save Water in the Bathroom

While it’s always important to conserve water around the home, the bathroom is the place where it matters the most. There are simple things you can do to save water, particularly if you’re prone to keeping the tap flowing while you brush your teeth or shave. But you can also make your bathroom more water-efficient with simple changes.

We often only consider water conservation when there is a consumption restriction in summer, even though it plays a significant role in our overall environmental impact. Regardless of where you are located on our amazing planet, you should think about preserving water.

Using fewer litres of water every day helps you use less energy, save cash, and reduce the quantity of waste that can be damaging to our environment. When searching for contemporary bathroom concepts, it’s possible to have a beautiful design and be environmentally conscious.

Here’s how you can achieve all that and more.

Change to a water-saving showerhead


The water use in your bathroom can be greatly impacted by the showerhead you choose. Making this modification is very straightforward as it only requires removing the previous showerhead and replacing it with a new, energy-efficient option.

Selecting a water-saving showerhead should not result in a less enjoyable shower experience. The flow rate is important and modern showerheads can use 7.5 litres per minute less than older models. A good shower mixer can help, too, as these require less time to heat the water, meaning you’re not standing around wasting cold water and waiting for the shower to warm up.

It’s never a bad idea to place a bucket under your shower before you step in, as the excess water can be used for cleaning sinks, washing vegetables, watering plants, and more.

Consider adding a dual flush option on your toilet

Arguably the largest offender of wasting water in the bathroom is the toilet. Saving water starts and ends here, if we’re honest, and if you can at least change something then change this.

The typical household can use roughly 35 litres of water every day just by flushing, but that number can be drastically reduced with a dual flush system. An efficient toilet uses far less water and you’ll find that your water bill will look a lot better in the long-term. If you observe this type of water-saving flush system, it’s clear that you can use smaller volumes of water – as little as three litres per flush.

It’s also good to be mindful of what you throw in the toilet. There’s no need to blow your nose and throw the tissue into the toilet bowl! Just use a rubbish bin and reduce the unnecessary use of extra litres of water when flushing.

Smart-temperature taps are the future


No need to wait until the year 3000 when some incredible bathroom technology already exists. There are taps containing a LED display which uses colour to show water temperature – blue when cold and red when hot. This means there’s no need to waste energy heating up water when it’s not necessary.

Furthermore, sensor taps are a must-have in any modern bathroom, as you don’t have to worry about a forgetful family member leaving the tap running by mistake. Leaking taps are no joke, especially if you’re away for the weekend and don’t notice.

Some homes with a leaking tap can waste as much as 37,000 litres of water every year, which is terrible for your bill and the environment. Thankfully, tap leak detectors can be installed in the home to combat this.

We all want to be as sustainable as possible, by just taking a minute to think about your bathroom, you can save so much more water whilst still having a great design that you’ll adore every time.


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