How You Can Choose the Right Type Of Soundproofing for Your Home

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When it comes to closing your front door at night, you want to know that the evening ahead will be relaxing and stress-free. However, if you live with other people, then you will also want to know that their noise will not disturb you nor will the noise from the neighbours or the road! 

The only way to achieve this peaceful living is to soundproof your home adequately, and this can be difficult if you are unsure of the type of soundproofing you need. We will tell you about all your options so that you can enjoy that peace and quiet sooner rather than later! 

Different Types of Noise

There are two main types of noise that may be affecting your home, airborne and impact. Airborne noise is any noise that passes through the air such as the sound from the TV, people talking, and even the dogs barking outside. 

Impact noise is the sound made when something comes into contact with something else like people walking up the stairs, doors slamming or furniture being moved. Both types of sound can affect your home significantly, and this is the reason why it is important to install the right soundproofing. 

Noise is measured in decibels so that you can get an idea of the impact it is having on your home. To get an accurate idea of the decibels in your home, you would need to get a reading from both sides of the structure you wanted to have soundproofed so that you can work out where you need to take action the most. 

When you consider that a normal conversation comes in at around 60 decibels, it is important to ensure that the environment you live in is not exposed to other noises that may cause discomfort to your living arrangements and your hearing. 

Acoustic Insulation Vs. Soundproofing – Considerations

Nova Acoustics recommend that effective acoustic insulation will help block the transmission of noise from both impact and airborne sources. It is also important to use the right solution and technique for the specific situation with consideration for how the home is constructed as well as whether you’re looking to block sound into your home or prevent it escaping. 

When it comes to using soundproofing materials or acoustic sound insulation you firstly need to ensure that the walls and ceilings are in the best condition to take the material before you choose what to use. 

Soundproofing is only as effective as the weakest point and if you have any holes, cracks or gaps

then you will firstly need to resolve these issues by sealing the areas with a high-quality acoustic sealant. 

Once the area is prepared, you can then choose the material you want to use. Acoustic insulation is designed to reduce the amount of noise that reverberates around a room or echoes. In contrast, soundproofing is designed to stop sounds coming in or going out of the room. 

Combine Soundproofing Material for Maximum Effectiveness

In reality, one of the best ways to stop the noise is to combine materials so that you get the best of each of them. The combination of materials will give you the ability to reduce the effect of both airborne sounds and impact noise as they work together. 

For example, if you install high-density acoustic insulation slabs, you will find that they work to reduce the level of reverberation that comes through the stud work. When you then add soundproofing boards, you will also be able to enjoy a reduction in noise coming through the walls. The science is simple, and it is well worth the effort so that you can enjoy a quiet home every day. 

Reduce Flanking Noise

Another vitally important part of soundproofing is to ensure that you reduce flaking noise wherever possible. Flanking noise is the noise that is passed between cavities in the floor and can be a real nuisance when all the other areas of your property have been properly soundproofed. 

The best way to reduce flanking noise is to remove the floorboards and fill the cavity with acoustic insulation before reinstalling the boards. Doing this will significantly reduce the flanking noise and allow you to enjoy a more peaceful home. 


It is clear that you need to consider the impact of external noise, internal noise and flanking noise when trying to find a soundproofing solution for your home. While there is no perfect answer to choosing one material to soundproof your home, choosing a combination of materials offers the greatest reduction to both airborne sound and impact noise giving you the optimum in peaceful living.


Written by Julie Hanson

Julie is passionate about property – development, investment and portfolio planning. Along with husband Alec, Julie is actively building a property portfolio while helping others to do the same.


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