How To Manage Your Business Property Tax Bill More Efficiently

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Dealing with business property taxes can be tough no matter what the size of your business is. Besides the numerous assets and records that you need to keep track of, there are multiple deadlines to meet, invoices to settle, and returns to prepare. There’s no doubt that many businesses missed many potential savings when it comes to their property taxes. 

With so many concerns to attend to, taxes have often become a priority only when nearing deadlines. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t realize that every decision they make all through the year has a significant impact on their tax bills. If you want to pay as little as possible on your business property tax bill, you must be proactive in handling your taxes. 

To help you get started, read on to find out how you can manage your business property tax bill more efficiently. 

Understanding Business Property Tax

Paying taxes is one of the obligations that you cannot postpone. Else, you’ll have to deal with several penalties. One of the taxes that many business owners failed to consider when starting out is property tax. It’s probably one of the largest expenses that can significantly affect every business’s cash flow. 

Hence, it’s critical to understand and pay attention to it. Like a homeowner who pays a property tax on their home, you must also pay a tax on your business property. It can be a land and building that you own and use for business operations, and the amount you’ll have to pay depends on their overall value.  

Note that business property taxes depend on your locality. It’s the local tax department that determines the value of your land and building. Thus, it would be best that you get to know your local tax laws inside and out. Doing so can help you make worthwhile tasks that’ll help you manage your taxes better, such as utilizing potential deductions and exemptions. 

Implement A Property Tax Management Plan

If you want to manage your property taxes more efficiently, investing in resources that address your property taxes throughout the year is necessary. To properly do this, there must be a property tax management plan in place. 

Consider the following strategies to implement a proactive plan in handling your business property taxes. 

Utilize A Property Tax Management Software

Land and building are not the only properties that you have to take into account in your business. There’s business personal property as well. It is essentially any item your business uses to operate but can be taken if you move to different locations. Business personal property may include furniture, equipment, supplies, and many others. 

It can be a nightmare to prepare and file returns for all your business assets. Besides that, there are certain jurisdictions that you need to consider for each business property. Some are taxable, while others are exempt from taxation. 

The good news is you can utilize a property tax management software to centralize your property tax-related data and expedite your business’s tax processes. With a centralized platform, you can better integrate other business systems, such as accounting and property management. 

It will also provide you with a timely and accurate view of your business’s tax liabilities across all properties with numerous jurisdictions. Because you’ll be more able to reduce errors and spend less time creating a returns process, you can better find tax savings and tax appeals opportunities. 

Use A Property Management Company

If you have multiple properties, managing them by yourself can be overwhelming. It can most likely prevent you from accomplishing more in your business. With a lot of responsibilities to take care of, you may not be able to dedicate the time needed to maintain the property and more so with handling your property taxes. 

Thus, you might want to consider the services of a property management company to oversee and manage your commercial real estate. Basically, a property management company’s services may include handling repairs and doing routine inspections, marketing your property for rent, and many others. But one of their essential roles is to help you organize tax-related documents. 

A property management company has outstanding organizational skills, which are beneficial in managing your property taxes more efficiently. But unlike software, they have a team that is experienced in dealing with maintenance issues or marketing problems. They also know what upgrades or repairs in your business property will result in potential tax deductions. 

After all, the main goal of improving efficiency in managing your business property taxes is to ensure that you get an accurate tax bill. A property management company can help you achieve that. 

Work With A Tax Advisor

Business property tax is specific and localized. No matter how organized your tax documents are, you would need a tax professional who is knowledgeable about the tax laws in your particular location. It can be a CPA, tax lawyer, or an enrolled agent. 

Their role is to walk you through your business property tax and other tax obligations. Note that it’s important to review your property taxes that have been assessed by taxing authorities. 

You’d be able to lessen your tax burdens, while at the same time, comply with the law by working with a tax professional. This person is trained to do any property tax review, and can identify opportunities to reduce your property tax assessments. You’d be surprised to know that some errors and exemptions might have been overlooked in your tax bill from the prior years. With their experience and expertise, you can be at peace and confident that your property taxes are appropriate.


A business property tax is just one component of your tax obligations. However, it can be quite costly if you don’t come up with a strategy for dealing with it. As much as possible, you’d want your business to save money with property tax deduction. But more than that, you’d want to ensure that your business can operate smoothly, and that’s only possible if you’ll be able to meet its tax obligations. 

Author Bio:

Lauren Cordell is a finance writer and entrepreneur at the same time. In sharing his personal experiences as an entrepreneur, he usually incorporates his knowledge in finance and accounting. He believes that both experience and expertise must work together to achieve a desirable outcome, whether in business or personal lives.



Written by Julie Hanson

Julie is passionate about property – development, investment and portfolio planning. Along with husband Alec, Julie is actively building a property portfolio while helping others to do the same.

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