How to Make Your Home More Environmentally Friendly: 7 Tips

Have you recently become more aware of the different things about your home that are not environmentally friendly, and you want to do something to change that? Maybe you have just got the necessary funding to finally put in a renovation you have been thinking about for a while, and you want to make sure that you are going about it in as sustainable a way as possible? Perhaps you have just purchased your first home, and you are looking to make some upgrades that will improve your quality of life, while also creating a more environmentally friendly home.  If any of this sounds familiar, then you should read on to learn some more useful information. This article will discuss a couple of ways to make your home more environmentally friendly. One of the major trends in home renovation and home design is to look for ways to make houses more eco-friendly.


Something that not many people think of when trying to make their home more environmentally friendly is the type of windows that are on your house. If you live in an older home, then there is a good chance that you have some older windows or window frames, which can actually have an effect on your carbon footprint. Older windows tend to have fairly poor insulation, which results in lots of leakage between the outside and your home. This might not be a huge problem most of the time, but if you are using air conditioning or central heating, then you will almost certainly be losing some money and wasting energy. There are lots of different windows on the market now that are highly energy-efficient, and will help to keep your home properly insulated. Why wouldn’t you want to save money while also helping the environment?

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Another thing that can actually have a huge impact on how environmentally friendly your home is your garden or lack thereof. Having a garden on your property can provide an excellent space for you and your family and friends to relax and hang out, but it also has larger environmental implications. If your garden has lots of native vegetation, then it can serve as a natural habitat for many plant and wildlife species. You should also strive to compost as much food waste as possible, since it will help to contribute less to landfills, and also give you some fresh compost to help your garden thrive. Look online for some simple eco0friendly gardening products to help give your garden some aid.


If you have the opportunity to do so, actually designing your home from the start to be environmentally friendly is one of the best ways to make your living space greener. This can be done in a number of ways, but some can be quite tricky if your home is already built. If you are unfamiliar with eco-friendly buildings, then it might be worth looking at the different types of design that are inherently more energy-efficient than conventional homes. You would be surprised at how much the shape, location, and size of your home can change how environmentally friendly it is. Do some research online to see what real professionals are doing to make their homes as eco-friendly as possible. 


One way that many people end up living a less environmentally friendly life than they realize is by using a heating method for their home that is not good for the environment. Things like electrical heaters might seem like they are environmentally friendly, but they can actually drain a huge amount of energy for the amount of heat that you will actually receive. Older methods of heating a home such as a wood-burning stove can also be bad for the environment. These antiquated heaters use a lot of fuel and end up polluting a lot of carbon into the atmosphere when in use. 

Central Air

There is a pretty good chance that you have either owned or used a window-mounted air conditioner unit at some point in your life. These units, while convenient, are not the most efficient way of cooling your home off from the hot summer heat. Having multiple window units going at the same time can use a huge amount of energy, and even trigger the breaker in your home. Look into some different options for central air units if you want to cool your home in a more eco-friendly way. These systems are able to cool your entire home using a central air cooling fan that is circulated around your home. Central air units can also help your home feel less cluttered and free up room by allowing you to get rid of your multiple window units. 


Do you get a lot of sun on your roof or other parts of your property? If you do, then you are actively wasting money and energy by not installing some kind of solar panel system in your yard. With technology constantly improving, you should be able to find some solar panels that are efficient and allow you to save money on your energy bills. 


One final way that you can power your home is by using geothermal energy. This technique involves digging into the ground in order to install a system that uses the heat from the earth to power your home. The initial setup costs can be quite high, but you will notice a massive reduction in your energy bill after having one installed. 

After reading through a couple of the points included above, the hope is that you have discovered a few ways to make your home environmentally friendly. Having a home that has a small carbon footprint is essential if you are trying to help the environment. If you are still choosing options that are not eco-friendly, then you are becoming part of the problem instead of part of the solution. When you look back on the big decisions you have made in life, you want to be sure that you are happy with the choices you have made. Be sure to use this guide to help you make smart decisions for your home that you and your grandkids will be able to look back on with pride. 

Written by Julie Hanson

Julie is passionate about property – development, investment and portfolio planning. Along with husband Alec, Julie is actively building a property portfolio while helping others to do the same.


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Light up a north facing room

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