Downsizing Your Home: The Art of Letting Go and Moving Lighter

Moving out can be a nightmare, especially when you have an emotional connection to the premises. It is even harder when downsizing. In most cases, people downsize to lower their bills, utilise adequate space, or change the environment. For instance, if you had a huge home because of kids and they are now grown, you will likely want to downsize. Well, it doesn’t have to be difficult. You can always let go of some possessions and move lighter. Here are a few tips to help you downsize and move out more efficiently.

Consider Using Storage Solutions

Downsizing comes in various forms. It could be permanent or temporary. For example, if you are downsizing to travel the world, you can temporarily rent the property for a few months. This is temporary, and you will need storage solutions such as Lovespace to take care of your possessions.

With LoveSpace, you only need to tell them how much stuff you want to store and for how long. They will make arrangements for it. However, if you are permanently moving, they will help you get the right cardboard boxes and other packing materials so your items are safe in transit.

Know How Much Space You Currently Use

Many people downsize because they want less space and lower their expenses. Before the actual move, you must consider the amount of space you usually use. You might be in a four-bedroom property but only use 20% of it.

Some crucial rooms, such as the bedroom, sitting area, bathroom area, and kitchen, cannot be compromised. However, if you have a library or a gym and it is rarely there, then you do not need it so much. You can always enrol in a nearby gym or designate a small lounge area for the library. Knowing the amount of space you use helps you get the right home so you don’t have to downsize again.

Make Plans as Soon as Possible

Now that you know you will be downsizing and moving, it is important that you begin as soon as possible. Many people have last-minute tendencies, and this does not always go well. To avoid being overwhelmed by the move, you need to begin decluttering the right way.

If the home is large, you can plan a day or two for each room to get whatever you don’t need out of the way. Go through all your possessions at your own pace and consider whether you want to keep them all in your new home. You can even clear out one room and put everything you do not need in there. It becomes easier when the actual day dawns.

Get In Touch with Your Real Estate Agent

Have you already settled on a new house? Well, if you have not found your new home yet, you need to contact a trustworthy real estate agent. They often have a huge list of resources for properties that you can choose from. You only need to let them know what you are looking for, and they’ll give you options. When giving them details, you must be very specific. If you want a large shower area and a well-lit bedroom, say it.

They also come in handy when you want to sell some of your items. For instance, if you lived in a farmhouse and are now moving to a suburban area, you may need to sell the farm equipment. They might send contractors and clients to your yard or estate sale to mark and price everything for you. It becomes easier for them as they have resources.

Think of Your New Lifestyle

We live by picturing the future and actualising it step by step. As you plan to downsize and eventually move out, you need to think about the lifestyle you will be leading. This helps you know what to leave and what to take.

For instance, if you are moving to an urban area where you don’t have a huge lawn or private outdoor space, you may need to leave your lawn grooming tools and equipment. When moving closer to work and a place with a good public transportation system, you might want to ditch your car.

With every situation different, you must carefully assess your needs and imagine your new lifestyle in the new home. It helps you get your mind ready to settle in.

Decide What to Donate and What to Dispose in a Sale

Downsizing means that there will be a lot of items for disposal. There are various channels for disposal, depending on your preference. You can sell the items, donate them, or toss them. If you have some furniture still in mint condition, you can donate them or Freecycle to those who need them most.

If the machines and equipment are still functional, you can sell them and get some bucks to facilitate your moving. On the flip side, if the items hold sentimental value to you, you can pass them on to a loved one. Heirlooms are in this category, and they are best when they stay in the family. In other cases, sentimental items such as wall art can be repurposed for memorisation.

In other instances, if the items are oversized, broken, or unusable, the best option is to rent a dumpster. They will help you toss everything that can’t be sold, donated, or passed down.

Take Your Time

When we started this piece, we started by saying that you may need to begin downsizing as soon as possible. For instance, if you have thought about downsizing, start by decluttering at that very moment, even if it is five months before the actual moving time.

We know that figuring it out can be stressful. However, it doesn’t have to be. Take time and assess everything you own to know what item goes to what category. Have ample time!

And there you have it! Downsizing and moving out offers you a new opportunity to refocus. It is not just about letting go of material possessions but getting into a new life phase with a lighter physical and mental load. Take your time transitioning and let go of everything you don’t need. To make the process smoother, engage experts such as real estate agents, moving services, and storage spaces such as LoveSpace. You’ve got this!


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