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 Whether your buying or selling, conveyancing is a critical step in transferring ownership of a property from one party to another. It’s a legal process that begins when an offer is accepted on a property and if you are putting your property on the market and/or starting the hunt for a new home, it’s never too early to look for a conveyancer to work with!

 Conveyancers will be able to give you estimated quotes and overviews of their service, so you’re able to pick a firm that fits well with your needs in advance. Some key benefits can be working on a ‘No Sale, No Fee’ basis.  Once you do make or accept an offer your conveyancer will be ready to confirm your instruction and begin the process.

 There are three main stages of conveyancing that your conveyancer will guide you through:

  1. Before Exchange of Contracts – This stage is where vital checks are made to ensure that the vendor has the right to sell the property and the buyer is in a position to complete the purchase (either with funds or a mortgage offer in place). Necessary checks are completed, searches are ordered and enquiries are made by both the seller’s and the buyer’s conveyancers. These confirm the condition of the properties for buyers. 
  2. Exchange of Contracts – In the simplest definition, this stage is where both parties agree to exchange signed contracts, once all enquiries are answered and everyone is happy with the property being bought and sold, exchange means the sale becomes legally binding. A completion date will be set, which can be the same day but in general is between seven to 14 days after the Exchange of Contracts.  
  3. Completion – On completion day, the buyer’s conveyancer will transfer the funds for the purchase, and once these have been received, the seller’s conveyancer will confirm the purchase and the buyer can collect their keys.

 Conveyancing is a comprehensive process and your conveyancer will keep you informed, keep everything moving and be on-hand to answer any queries you might have. There’s no such thing as a silly question, conveyancers will have been asked everything before and are on hand to help guide you through your property sale or purchase! 

Landlords Insurance - Are you covered?

Landlords, you will know that owning a buy to let isn’t as simple as just letting your property to a third party.  There are contracts, referencing, liabilities and maintenance but most of all the uncertainty of having somebody you do not know live in your property.  This is why you need to be fully protected in all areas of your investment. You wouldn’t insure half of your car so why insure your property without protecting it as best you can, leaving the premises and yourself vulnerable to large non-recoverable costs. Properties can be let in various ways to various tenants.  All insurance companies have their preferred and excluded types, however choosing the correct insurer, who provides necessary and proper cover, can prove tricky. The rise of rent-to-rent, serviced accommodation and the HMO boom are regular declines from insurers so it wise to speak to an expert.  Here at Insurance-Desk we...
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A Solicitor's Guide to Conveyancing

“Barlow Robbins’ residential conveyancing solicitors are able to help with the stressful nature of residential property transactions. “ 
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Conveyancing Myths - Busted!

  Buying or selling a house is a very significant milestone in your life, and quite naturally, everyone would like to have a smooth experience throughout the whole conveyancing process. Below are a few common conveyancing myths that we have busted for you, along with some expert advice on what to think or do instead. At Convey With Me, we want to ensure that you have no concerns towards this matter and have the smoothest journey possible. 1   “Grab the cheapest deal! You will save a lot of money” This is an entirely false statement. When it comes to buying or selling a house, it is wise to conduct some research before choosing the conveyancer that you decide to work with. It is paramount to firstly remember that the price of conveyancing can vary, depending on the complexity of your purchase. Cheap conveyancing prices are often questionable and are too...
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Frequently Asked Conveyancing Questions

Discount Code - Convey With Me have supplied us with an exclusive discount code to get £50 off your legal fees.  Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive your discount code and we'll send it straight across to you.   Buying a property is one of the most significant milestones of your life; it is an exciting and important time for you, so it’s only natural that you may have a few questions about the process.  Here are a few of our commonly asked questions… What is conveyancing? Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring property ownership from one party (the seller) to another (the buyer).   How long does conveyancing take? At Convey With Me, we aim to complete the conveyancing process for our clients within six - eight weeks; this is a little quicker than average timescale which is usually take between eight and 12 weeks. However, conveyancing can take longer,...
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Buying a Home in London: the Importance of Instructing Experienced Conveyancing Solicitors

You’ve nearly reached the summit: you’ve saved up just about enough money to buy your first house — and in London, too, despite all the odds. You can’t let your guard down, though, as there are a number of serious pitfalls which could stop you finally collecting your keys. The importance of instructing efficient conveyancing solicitors cannot be stressed enough in enabling you to buy your dream property in London. 1. Make your offer stand out from any others When it comes to buying in London, you might be competing with twenty or more other keen first-time buyers — or even experienced property investors, eager to add to their portfolios. You should, therefore, make your offer the most attractive to the vendor. Make it clear that, should they choose your bid, they’ll have a fast sale and there’s a mortgage in place for the completion. The best way to do...
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