Property Networking Club (PNC) – Manchester

Last night I attended the last Property Networking Club (PNC) meeting of the year in Manchester. After some great networking the evening started as normal with the Grill the Experts Panel and we were lucky to have Glen Ackroyd, from A Quick Sale, Shimon Ruddich, from MS Law, Ian Flemming, from Investment Solutions (UK) and Yulan Yang. The panel were asked by the chair, Richard Shepherd, what they had been up to over the last week. All had been very busy, but I was very intrigued when Glen talked about maximising the rent on an investment to achieve £900 per month on a £70K property. I believe this was with knowledge from the LHA Network ( and will be investigating this much further. The audience were able to ask general or specific questions regarding property investment or property/tenant problems. Yulan gave some great advice on negotiating building insurance by using a...
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