Half of Tenants Would Leave Town To Achieve Dream Of HomeOwnership

More than half of tenants would move or consider moving to a different town or city in order to buy a home, according to a new poll of private renters*. The poll found that just over a quarter of tenants (27 per cent) would relocate in order to buy a house, and a further three in ten (29 per cent) would consider doing so. However, forty four per cent of tenants said they would not move to another town or city even if it meant being able to afford to buy their own place. Tenants in London were the most open to the idea, with 87 per cent saying they would relocate or consider relocating in order to buy a home. However, tenants in the East Midlands were the least receptive to the idea, with just 14 per cent willing to relocate. The research also shows that almost half of...
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