Tax Liens - are they too good to be true?

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mike Warren this week,  Mike is based in the US and is the International leading expert on tax liens and judgment liens. Mike is going to be presenting at the next Lease Options Live Event, May 14th/15th in London so I wanted to find out what tax liens were all about. Have a listen to this short 15 minute audio clip to find out more about tax liens.  It sounds like an amazing strategy.  Mike uses an example of  a property in Florida worth $69,000.  You pay the back taxes of $1,700.   You can receive interest on this amount of between 18% - 36% within 12 months.  Not only that but if the owner doesnt pay the back taxes, you are entitled to that house free and clear. So for a $1,700 investment you will have a house worth $69,000.  If you chose to...
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