Don’t Lose Out on Your Deposit When You Move Out

  Has the lease on your home come to an end? Well, if you’re moving on to rent somewhere else, part of your admin is going to involve getting your security deposit back. The only way to do this, however, is to ensure that you leave your house or flat in the condition you found it in (if not better!), so that your landlord has no grounds for deducting the cost of cleaning and repairs from your deposit. So, it probably goes without saying that you’ve a pretty big job on your hands. You’ll need to begin by ensuring that the condition of the property and its contents haven’t surpassed ‘reasonable wear and tear’ (something that your tenancy agreement probably refers to). If you’re not sure what reasonable wear and tear means, take a look at page 12 of this document. Beyond that, however, you’ll need to give the space...
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