Essential Advice for Landlords Disputing with a Tenant

  Disputes with tenants are always incredibly unfortunate events and can often be the downside to renting out your properties. However, there’s no particular reason why you have to struggle on alone against a problem tenant, and help is at hand. In this blog, we run through some essential advice for landlords disputing with their tenant.  Getting the Legalities Right from the Outset As a landlord, you have certain rights and responsibilities before the tenancy begins. It’s important that you fulfil these in case a tenant should ever attempt to lodge a complaint against you or attempt to counter one of your claims. Firstly, you should ensure that you provide a tenancy agreement (if applicable) that’s fair and complies with the law. This should state who you are and your details. If you fail to do this within 21 days, you may be fined. You should also provide an energy...
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