OK! So Is Property ACTUALLY a Good Return

Local Housing Authority (LHA) tenants are a great way to mazimise the cashflow of a rental property. However if you dont get your investment right in the first place even this may not be the saviour some people imagine. In reading the IPD (Investment Property Databank) Report Julie noted that “Residential Property has represented the best real return to a December 2000 investment [against equities, bonds and commercial property] at every stage throughout the previous 9 years.” So how true is that? Is Property a good return? Can you buy any old property and get good cash flow with LHA tenants? Even if the answer is yes, why not maximise your cashflow further. In this interview Julie Hanson, Just Do Property, asks John Davies, Hedge Property Investment, exactly that, "Is Property A good vehicle for Investors?" Obviously we are all told it is a good vehicle for investors and John outlines...
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