The UK Buy to Let Market - Incentives and Education key for sustainable future

There’s been no shortage of change in the UK over recent years and private landlords may well be wishing for a break from it all. At the same time, the fact that the UK continues to have a severe lack of housing supply, coupled with strong demand means that there is still a case for buy-to-let investment. Here are three key issues, which could determine whether or not this investment area performs well over the forthcoming years.    Recognition that there are generational differences in attitudes to housingSome aspirations are pretty much timeless, for example the desire to find a life partner and to have children. Many aspirations, however, change between generations, often in line with changes in technology, which lead to changes in lifestyle. Up until relatively recently, most people born in the UK would typically spend most, if not all of their lives here, certainly their working lives.Over recent...
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