"Nobody is Perfect", John Davies, how things can go wrong;LHA High Yield Strategy; Tax Busting Checklist; Next Weeks Events; News Update

Hi! We hope that you are well and have been busy with your investments. Along with the upcoming changes to the website weve got some changes to our newsletter as well. Updates We had a superb day with John Davies from Hedge Property Investments this week recording some awesome videos about a number of key property related topics. These will be made available VERY soon. As one of the requests from our recent questionnaire was for case studies, good and bad, we twisted Johns arm to give us a story as to how things can really go wrong. Find out why Johns nickname is Nobody i.e. "Nobody is perfect"- this is a great story! We have some great new blog posts over thelast two weeks: The LHA high yield strategy 10-Jun-2010LHA,investment,investor Government is ignoring the need for a balanced housing market, says NLA 10-Jun-2010News,house prices,Housing Market BSA – Industry can...
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