From Sand and Sea to Spires & Suburbs

In a complete departure from the sun, sea and sand that we normally associate with overseas property investment, Id like to get you considering overseas [caption id="" align="alignright" width="299" caption="Czech Republic & Prague Location"]Czech Republic - From Sand and Sea to Spires & Suburbs investments in the same way we might evaluate any buy-to-let in the UK. In other words, a property purchased for long-term let to people who will make it their home and pay you rent to cover your mortgage, providing you with cash flow. Of course, were also looking for capital growth. What we need is a location with a very strong rental demand, a stable government, growing economy and tax advantages. We also need to be able to obtain mortgages (we still want to invest using other peoples money) at reasonable rates. So come with me now to the Czech Republic… where residential property investment is currently...
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