What Does Home Ownership Being At An All Time Low Mean For Landlords?

  Former chancellor George Osborne’s attempts to make life more difficult for residential landlords, together with the current chancellor’s unwillingness to overturn his predecessor’s reforms, have certainly unsettled the market within the past year or so. But their efforts at making residential letting unattractive for landlords have been futile. That’s because the following fundamental facts remain: a) People can’t afford to buy their own homes b) There isn’t enough social housing available. Both of which mean millions of individuals and families find homes through private landlords (the alternative being to move in with in-laws and friends). In other words, instead of getting their own back garden in order, the government has tried to sort the situation by hitting out at landlords. Of course, landlords should be thankful for this – private rents will be in demand for as long as people want a roof over their heads and the government...
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