The Best Ways of Ensuring Safety On A Building Site

  It goes without saying that a building site can be a particularly hazardous workplace. There are potential safety hazards everywhere you turn – you could trip over equipment, fall from scaffolding or cause an injury with equipment – the list goes on and on. As dangerous as all that sounds, there are a few simple guidelines which, when followed correctly, will ensure the safety of everyone on your building site.   Insist on the use of protective equipment and clothing at all times   The first step in ensuring a safe building site is to ensure that everybody who steps foot on your site, including visitors, is wearing the appropriate safety and protective equipment and clothing. This includes, at a minimum, high-visibility jackets and safety helmets or hard hats. High-vis jackets ensure greater visibility of people on the site while safety helmets can protect the wearer’s head from penetration by an object as well as absorbing the physical impact...
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