Property Development for Kids!

So there we were at our investment property trying to finish off some final bits of the refurbishment.  We had our 2 kids in tow… Isabella is 2 and Sienna is 8 months old. Unfortunately no babysitters were available so we had no choice.  It was a beautiful sunny day and we did feel a little guilty about taking our kids to the property. But it was only a couple of hours after all and if you want to live a different life than the usual rat race then you have to make some sacrifices! One of my jobs was de-weeding the front garden. Sienna was sat in her pram making lots of noise and Isabella was ‘helping’ me with the garden.  She was pulling up the weeds insisting that it was salad, and she kept giving bits to her Sister, who promptly put them in her mouth!! Not good nutritional...
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