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  • Look out for infestations before you buy!

    One problem which can sometime cost a great deal of cash to put right is Infestation, that is other creatures wanting to share your home with you uninvited. Infestation covers a number of problems that can seriously affect the property and at the same time SERIOUSLY affect the profit you will make. Recognising Infestation It […]
  • Dampness in Buildings

    Dampness in Buildings is one of the main factors in causing dilapidation in properties, apart from the obvious risks to the human inhabitants. Living in a damp house is likely to cause all sorts of problems connected with the mould, which will or has occurred and other related effects such as rheumatism. Causes of Dampness […]
  • An Introduction to Refurbishment

      Refurbishment of a property is something that many people feel that can do easily. But if you have seen some of the disasters which I have, then you would appreciate there is some skill involved. The main word which applies to any project, but very importantly to property renovation and refurbishment is Planning. This […]
  • Day dreaming your way to prosperity

    Can you day dream your way to prosperity? It’s an interesting thought and it sounds so easy. One of my mentors Randy Gage talks about prosperity – what is it and what is it not? Some people may think that prosperity is all about money.  I have come to realise that this is not the […]