9 Ways to Free Up Space in Your Home

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As a homeowner, make good use of every space you have. The comfort of a home at times comes from the additional space. No matter the size of your rooms, there is a way to maximize space. It all needs some creativity in incorporating different ideas. Reading widely at times makes you learn the tricks to employ.

Think around decongesting the rooms by finding more storage structures. With more space creation, it is possible to add more furniture for the house. This makes the rooms look more elegant. Try different ideas when going about the free up of more space. Here are some common ways to go about this.

1.   Buy Multi-Purpose Furniture

Furniture designs have undergone great transformations over time. These days, we have models which are made to save more on space. This is through being convertible to serve more than one purpose. Perfect examples are fire tables whereby they are not only for dining but also for warming the house.

Some seats are adjustable hence easily made to occupy less space. For the living room to look spacious, having such unique seats offers more space and still brings some uniqueness. As you strive to get the best pieces of furniture, think of the proper arrangement to adopt.

2.   Add Floating Cabinetry

Any unoccupied space at the walls can help in making the room look large. This can be made possible when you fit some floating cabinetry. Consider having this idea for the kitchen as the impact will be much greater. The additional cabinets offer extra spaces for keeping kitchen essentials.

For the study room and lounge, find a place to keep the books, magazines, and newspapers. Most bookshelves are enough to hold the right number of books available. Think of adding several open shelves for placing the different kinds of stuff at the tables such as artworks. It makes the place look more spacious.

3.   Do Comprehensive Decluttering

Often people do declutter at homes to make the rooms tidy. When done correctly, it can result in the creation of extra space in all rooms. For the kid’s toys, find a specific storage point for all of them. Encourage the children to refrain from scattering them all over the house. In their rooms, fit a special cabinet or some shelves where they can keep such items.

For the unused attire, invent a way to make the best out of them. One way is through making the DIY t-shirt boards. This can be done by mending the different favorite t-shirts to create one fabric. Put the board alongside the bed or on the walls.

4.   Focus on Your Home Garage Space

When talking of the creation of more space for homes, we hardly remember the garage areas. Such sections play a part in the keeping of items such as farm equipment and auto repair parts. In other homes, garage spaces are used for the storage of fuel and cleaning chemicals. Regardless of the purpose for yours, find the right ways to utilize the space. This may offer more room for keeping other items.

Buy the relevant garage storage systems since they promote decongestion. Know about the different designs available in the market. The modern systems utilize the space around the ceiling. Such overhead equipment is not electric whereby they rely on mechanical input. The garage storage rack lift makes it easy to do the lowering and raising of the weights. This saves you from having to climb a ladder each time you need to access your items.

5.   Reorganise the Room

Home remodelers work towards bringing a different arrangement to the available structures. This helps in adding more space. As a homeowner, you can employ the same concept by changing the arrangement of rooms. The redistribution often results in better usage of space. When you have excess tables in one place, look for the other relevant areas to place them.

Removing one table from your set and positioning it in the lounge area may be impactful on this. Make consultations with interior designers as they can tell you more about ways to do the planning. They guide on which furniture pieces to remove and the best replacement.

6.   Create the Right Color Mix

The appearance of the walls, floors, and furniture has a lot to do with the appearance. Coming up with the right blending of colors is necessary for making the rooms less compact. Uniform colors on all structures have a positive effect. Neutral and warm colors are the best option here. This is why people look for light-blue and white paints for the walls.

7.   Utilise the Different Corners

Any unoccupied space such as at the corners ought to be capitalized on. You can make this happen by positioning some furniture sets there. Placing some vases at a small table at the corners makes the place look attractive. Below your stairs, space may be fitted with a cabinet or books. Invite an expert from a furniture workshop to measure the size of the different target points. It makes them accurate in creating pieces that perfectly fit.

8.   Organise the Wardrobe

After years and years of buying clothes, the line tends to be long. Look at your wardrobe and do the necessary re-organization. With this, you end up fitting all the pieces within the wardrobe. Buy more clothes hangers for the coats. Creating more shelves for the folded clothes is elemental.

Besides the wardrobe, there are other areas in the bedroom to work on. For the shoes, buy a rack for all the pairs. Hiding some items below the bed is a worthy option. Buy some storage boxes for safely keeping stuff such as indoor shoes.

9.   Work on the Outdoor Areas

property investment

The planning for the outdoor space should get as much attention as the interiors. For the corridors, devise a way to remove congestion. Buy the right pieces of outdoor furniture. Also, make the points look more natural by having several flower vases along the edges.

It is possible to make a home look more spacious. What is needed is proper planning on the arrangements. Incorporating other storage systems may also help in space creating. Such equipment comes in different forms depending on what you want to keep. Employ creativity in the positioning of furniture in the rooms. It is a good thing to consider the outdoor area as well.

Written by Julie Hanson

Julie is passionate about property – development, investment and portfolio planning. Along with husband Alec, Julie is actively building a property portfolio while helping others to do the same.


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