8 Rock Solid Tips to Prevent Mold in the Bathroom

Okay, so you enter the bathroom for your morning routine and notice some black spots around the corners of the walls. No, they’re not an ant invasion but even worse… Mold! And they can grow to become an even bigger infestation which can cause health issues.

Mold is something that needs quick action. But hey, don’t freak out. We’ve got your back.

In this article, we’ll show you the most effective ways to eradicate mold and keep your bathroom fresh and clean all year.

8 Easy Tips That Can Help You Ensure a Mold-Free Bathroom

Now, before we begin, let’s educate ourselves on what mold is. To be precise, they are fungi that feed on dead materials, causing erosion and gradually growing bigger. This mold can occur largely in places that have moisture, warmth, and areas that are dark.

Keep these in mind because they’ll be helpful as we talk about the tips below!

1.    Ensure A Proper Ventilation System

As we covered earlier, three factors encourage the growth of mold. One of them is moisture or humidity. A proper ventilation system can help combat that.

Installing a bathroom fan, ensuring you have enough windows to let dry air in, and having bathroom dehumidifiers too.

Bathroom dehumidifiers can help reduce unwanted mold really well. The key factor to note is making sure the bathroom is as dry as possible. This might be hard to maintain during summers and rainy days but can help reduce the chances of mold growth.

Keep bathroom fans on most of the time when you’re in the shower or using it. Keep your dehumidifiers on, on rainy days. Keep the moisture out and the molds out of it too.

2.    Keep Your Bathroom Area As Dry As Possible

This tip is a bit self-explanatory but the biggest way to combat moisture is to eliminate as much water as you can.

After you shower, turn the fans on so the water clinging to walls can escape. Wipe down the condensation produced on the mirrors and walls. Keep shower products dry as you place them down. It might be tedious to deal with at first but provides long-term benefits.

Don’t keep your wet loofahs on the counter, let them air dry somewhere bright or leave them hanging and then clean up the excess moisture later.

Make sure all the products you use are dry before you put them on the counter.

Pro tip: Use a hair dryer for instant drying (be careful not to produce condensation though!)

3.    Fixing Leaks

You could be doing all these things so far but still getting mold. Check out if you have any leaks around the bathroom, kitchen, and also around your water filtration system or drains.

Leaks can let in unwanted moisture and form mold. Contact a plumber and do these fixes the moment you notice it. If mold has already formed, clean it off with a pH-balanced cleanser.

4.    Keeping Your Windows Open and Bright

So by now, you should be aware of all the ways in which you can deal with one of the major progenitors of mold, that is, moisture. What’s next?

Dealing with dark corners. This can be solved by keeping your windows open. This will let enough light enter and prevent mold growth. Check if any of the dark places have signs of mold growth or not.

Keeping windows open will let air in and act as an instant dehumidifier. It can help freshen up your bathroom and keep the bathroom dry and mold-free. Besides, who doesn’t like inhaling fresh air?!

5.    Making Washing Your Clothes and Towels A Priority

Mold doesn’t necessarily start growing only on walls. Sometimes it could start with the towel you use to shower every day.

Damp towels that aren’t washed may have mold-growing organisms, so keeping them clean and dry is essential.

Make sure to use disinfectant along with your detergent to kill off any germs for further protection and dry off really well. Do not pile up wet clothes. Keep them separately instead.

Wash them every few days and you’re good to go!

6.    Taking Care Of Your Grout

The grout pores in your tiles can trap mold and you may not realise it. First, make sure to clean the grout with a mold-killing cleaner. Next, use a sealer to reseal the grout. This can help fill in those pores and prevents them from allowing mold to develop.

Getting sealers can be expensive but these little actions can help you save more money in the long run. So, invest early, especially if you want to avoid major feelings of regret.

We suggest sealing your grout when you notice them wearing off. Generally speaking, sealers work best. But use what works for you as long as the grout is protected.

7.    Clogged Areas

Hear us out! Can clogged areas encourage mold to form? Absolutely.

What if your drain is blocked?

Yes! If you’re not paying attention to your clogged areas, do it already. Not only does it make your bathroom appear cleaner and odourless but it can help prevent mold from growing too since it can feed into the dirt the clog produces.

Some clogged areas can include the vents in your AC or ground drains and even your toilet bowls too. The plunger works a lot in combating those, some home remedies with baking soda work fine as well. That’s just an extra step to keep your entire house fresh and protected.

8.    Get Yourself A Squeegee

The condensation in the nooks and corners, of your mirrors, can be eliminated by the power of mighty Squeegees! It can be a bit annoying to get to cleaning early in the morning or right after a relaxing shower.

However, taking a bit of time to do this extra step can leave you feeling relaxed overall. Molds can form quite rapidly when given the chance, so it is your responsibility to prevent them.

Harmful Effects of Mold Growth

If you aren’t motivated to take care of it already, let’s tell you the ugly truth of letting mold grow in the bathroom. For instance, mold can cause some of the following health hazards:

  • Hives.
  • Skin Irritation.
  • Asthma Attacks.
  • Coughing.
  • Nausea.
  • Lung Infection.
  • …and the horrible experience of having to live in a home (or perhaps work at an office) filled with incredibly bad odour.


And there you have it! All the ways to use to keep your bathroom mold-free.

See, molds aren’t that hard to deal with if you take proper care. The tips to prevent mold listed in this article are easy to do and will lead to countless long-term benefits.

Cheers to having a clean bathroom and a more relaxing time in the shower with your favourite playlist!

Best of luck!

Written by Julie Hanson

Julie is passionate about property – development, investment and portfolio planning. Along with husband Alec, Julie is actively building a property portfolio while helping others to do the same.

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