5 Affordable Ways to Enhance your Property’s Visual Appeal

Whether putting your property up for sale or rent, you must present it in the most appealing way to the market to attract your potential clients. Alongside the quality of a property, the visual appeal goes a long way to influence a client’s decision to obtain a property.  

Enhancing your property’s visual appeal requires deliberate and well-implemented efforts. However, with a better visual appeal, your property’s value can be elevated or made to command a higher rent.  

Thinking of giving your property a more appealing look? Here are some essential tips you’ll find helpful in the process:

Landscaping is a crucial aspect of your property’s outward appearance. Having your surroundings adorned with fresh-cut grasses, such as artificial grass in London, and trimmed bushes tell a lot about your level of professionalism.   

  1. Improve Your Landscape

You can take it a step further by beautifying your doorways with decorative plants and flowers. Clients are greeted by these beautifications when they visit your property.   

Furthermore, if your property has a garden in it, you should ensure that it’s in good shape. Pull out the weeds and clean the stone borders to reveal the beautiful colours of your flower bed.   

Lastly, it’s advisable to consider the season. And you can take their species and colours into consideration when planting flowers. If you cannot carry out these improvements yourself, it’s a good idea to seek expert help.   

  1. Improve The Look Of Your Curb

Your curb is one of the first parts of your property clients sees. When you improve on it, you can give clients an excellent first impression, which could influence their buying decision positively. 

A well-maintained curb captures the attention of property renters and buyers before anything else. Your curb consists of your lawn. By making sure that your yard is thoroughly cleaned and free from debris, you improve the look of your curb.   

Also, ensure that your driveway is regularly cleared and set free from obstacles. New mailboxes and lighting fixtures can also add more appeal to your curb. With these features, you can give your clients a heart-warming and inspiring first impression.   

  1. Upgrade Appliances 

Equipping your property with modern appliances can improve your property’s appeal. Buyers and renters love to see that all faulty and outdated appliances have been eliminated. Very few buyers are willing to go through the stress of replacing old appliances before moving into the property.  

Therefore, upgraded appliances will please prospective clients and make you, the owner, not worry excessively about their lifespan. Clients who move into new properties and experience appliance damage may feel cheated by the owner.  

In short, not only will upgraded appliances make your property more appealing, but they’ll also make your clients appreciate and trust you more.  

  1. Keep Your Floors Clean 

If your property is made of hardwood floors, keeping them clean adds more beauty to it and makes your property more appealing. An excellent way to do this is by applying floor polish. 

For other surfaces such as tiles and carpets, you should clean them until they’re either sold or rented. If you realise cleaning your floors consistently will cost you a lot of money or is simply an unrealistic idea, you can invest in new flooring that requires little maintenance costs and concerns.  

And for floors that need change, you may want to consider polished concrete floors due to their durability and dazzling nature under lighting. More so, concrete floors don’t gather dust.  

  1. Upgrade Your Property Numbering 

Changing the look of your house number may look like a minor property innovation to make, but you’ll be surprised by how much of a difference it can make to your property’s visual appeal. The number on your property is easily and quickly visible to your clients. You can modernise its look by removing the old number and replacing it with another with more style and visual appeal. That way, you can make a quick, memorable first impression.  

When designing your new number, ensure you adopt a font that matches your property’s architecture and is distinctive enough to grab attention. Upgrading your property numbering will only take you a few minutes. However, it can make a lasting difference in your property’s visual appeal.  


When properties look better, they sell better. Enhancing your property’s appeal may cost you some time, effort, and money. But know it’s always worth it. Clients will appreciate your investments when they see how they translate into greater ease and comfort for them. You can begin by implementing the tips above.

Written by Julie Hanson

Julie is passionate about property – development, investment and portfolio planning. Along with husband Alec, Julie is actively building a property portfolio while helping others to do the same.


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Light up a north facing room

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