12 Signs Your Business Needs a Property Management Software

property investment

Managing or owning property can be a job full of headaches and stress, but it can also be the perfect job for that person who enjoys managing and overseeing the day-to-day operations of particular properties. The difference between these two experiences stems from having the correct knowledge of the position and its resources and being able to apply them with efficiency and ease. Good property management is all about organization and administration, while bad management is left without proper skills and processes. With the correct tools and aptitudes, success can be yours. 

Many of the problems that most property managers have are related to ordinary business tasks that are associated with rental properties. To do the job well entails online tools and a good real estate and trust accounting software program. There are many businesses, however, that are not even aware that they need any kind of help or software. They believe that they are doing just fine, even though they are barely staying above water with their paperwork and maintenance. They don’t believe they can afford to get any help or that the software won’t be of any assistance anyway. Little do they know that they can easily facilitate their daily tasks with just the right software to make their management duties flow more smoothly and efficiently. 

The property management software can be used by owners and managers in two ways. The most common way is to use it as a database and build a list of contacts, add people to the database, and contact them. The second way is to use the software to automate tasks such as scheduling maintenance, collecting rent, managing financial data, and making payments to tenants and management staff. The software should also provide a web-based interface so that the owner or manager can keep up to date on maintenance, payments, and contact property management staff directly from the website.

If you are a property manager, the following questions can help you assess your experience to see if you too could benefit from the tools available on a good software program designed especially for your position. Read and answer them carefully and honestly. You may be surprised just how much property management software can actually help you to help yourself. 


  1. In order to deposit my rent checks, do I still have to go to the bank on a monthly basis?
  2. Am I still keeping track of my rental payments and expenses using Excel or a notebook?
  3. Do I keep forgetting which maintenance request belongs to which property? 
  4. Am I still using my calculator to add up all the appropriate fees, such as late fees, pet fees, and landscaping fees, from month to month?
  5. Do I continue to forget which leases are expired and then lose lease renewals because of it? 
  6. Am I losing leads on tenants because I can’t keep track of them?
  7. Do I keep forgetting which owner or vender gets the correct tax paperwork for each job done? 
  8. Are my marketing efforts being minimalized because I keep submitting the same online rental vacancy over and over? 
  9. How many new ink cartridges do I have to keep buying to print out lengthy lease agreements? 
  10. How time consuming is it for me to deal with my marketing efforts to find new tenants?
  11. Am I keeping up with vital emails to each of my tenants about routine procedures and inspections?
  12. Do I still depend on my gut reactions and probing conversations to find and approve applications for renters? 

If any of your answers were “yes,” then your business is definitely in need of good property management software. So many developments have been made with cloud-based technology and computing that it is very easy to now streamline your business while boosting profits at the same time. By applying these software applications into your day-to-day operations, you can make your job as a property manager more efficient and much easier for yourself. 

property investment

Once you have decided that your business is in need of the appropriate software, it can be helpful to research which programs contain the help you desire for the tasks involved. Whether you are trying to increase your revenue from rented buildings or Airbnb’s, bookkeeping is a prime target that can be tiresome and tedious. Look for software that can assist in making these chores easier. With the software in place, your workload can become more successful and profitable

When deciding which software to choose, pay attention to the applications included. Some programs offer more than others. There are some software packages that can be used as a basic property management system and there are software packages that have additional features that can be helpful for owners who wish to customize the service. You should review the features of each application to determine what types of features are important to you. You also need to make sure that the application will be compatible with your company’s operating system and that you can set it up on your own computers without hiring a professional to do the installation. If you are going this route, you should also compare the price that the application is offered against other similar programs in your area.

Here are a few guidelines to help with your decision. 

  • Transaction Monitors

A good property management software will help you keep watch over your cash flow. If your company is having problems with monitoring all your transactions, then you definitely need a program that examines the money collected and paid out. When your business is having cash flow problems, it probably means that you are missing something. A software program can eliminate that issue. Get some more information and examples here:


  • Payment Tracking

If you are becoming delinquent in rent collecting, or if you have too many accounts to keep track of, then you definitely need a property management software program with an indexing feature. This will help you to navigate your rental properties and keep them organized as far as rental payments and all the details that are involved. 

  • Accounts Payable

Are you behind in paying bills? Do you need to be placed on an automated scheduling program? If you want to stay up-to-date on your bills and accounts, software can help tremendously. With a good accounting feature, you can automate your payments as well as review your due dates so nothing is left undone again. 

  • Ledgers

A good property management software program can help with your taxes. There are now secure digital accounting features that will keep you informed of new tax deductions and ensure that you can receive the best returns on your money. Your digital alternatives involved in this software is user friendly and more efficient with your expenses and receipts.  

  • Peaceful Mind

Security is vital in any business, but when you are dealing with a variety of tenants, workers, and vendors, their personal and company information must stay private and secured. If you believe that someone’s work is not appropriate or is somewhat askew, you need to be able to rely on a set and safeguarded accounting program. As each user logs in, the security system quickly can recognize and acknowledge their identity and purpose. 


As today’s society continues to advance through the age of the internet and the digital world, more options are available to update and revolutionize your daily workplace. With just a bit of research into various sites and professional software companies, you can change your position as a property manager from one of distress to one of success. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the job or a veteran in the industry, when changes occur, you have to stay on top of them. 

A property management software system will generally provide you access to financial data that is compatible with a variety of platforms and programs. It will also allow you, the property manager, to manage your budget. Property management applications can include the management and control tool which allow for easy financial reporting, budget planning, and management. Most software also offers support services including help desk support, assistance in choosing a system, troubleshooting, and support for upgrading. Just check for more details before you buy. 

Many property management systems will also allow you to customize the features and functions of the program to meet your specific needs. You can create custom reports as well as view past and current data. This means that you can analyze your income and expenses in a much better format. The data can then be used to plan for any future trends and the financial data to help you make investments that will benefit both your property and its residents.

If you are still in doubt as to whether you and your company are still in need of property management software, review the questions again. The software that you select should be able to connect to your company’s computer network to ensure that all transactions are secure. Also, make sure that software can be upgraded to allow for future improvements to the network and that your office is equipped to handle future growth.

Seeking out an excellent property management software program is just one way to fulfill the needs of your business to the best of your ability. 

Written by Julie Hanson

Julie is passionate about property – development, investment and portfolio planning. Along with husband Alec, Julie is actively building a property portfolio while helping others to do the same.


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