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Commercial Finance

Commercial mortgage finance is designed for companies or individual investors, looking to purchase or refinance commercial property.

They can also be used for mixed use or semi commercial property.

A commercial mortgage can also be used for the purchase or refinance of residential properties that are intended to be used commercially, for example, a HMO, an investment property portfolio or a block of apartments to be rented out.

100% funding available

Our commercial finance partner has access to investor private equity funding which sits alongside Senior Debt, allowing large scale property projects to be funded with potentially minimal Client contribution.

100% funding is available up to £15M costs, subject to location, project appraisal and Developer experience* 

Subject to detailed Due Diligence on both the project and the client. Typically senior debt up to 65% or 70% of costs is available, the remaining 30% provided potentially via a combination of mezzanine debt and Equity capital injection via Joint Venture.

The Client contribution required is project and client specific, but for guidance a contribution of around 10% of the total Equity element injected would be required, in short maybe 3% to 5% of project costs.

*5% to 10% of costs typically required to be contributed by the Developer where costs exceed £15m

Email to request more details about Commercial Mortgages 

Bridging Finance

Bridging finance is a way of raising short term finance quickly and is usually secured against a residential or commercial freehold property (on a first or second charge basis). As a bridging loan is secured in this way, personal credit history is not always as relevant as with applications for other types of finance, so non-status loans are available. For added security, the funder may also deduct interest payments from the loan on day 1, which means the applicant (or the funder) does not have to worry about proving loan serviceability (but also means a lesser amount is available). A bridging loan is typically used to bridge the gap between a purchase and either a traditional re-finance or sale, and can also be used for auction purchases, land purchases, planning gain purchases, purchases of property in need of refurbishment/ conversion/ development or just for business cash-flow. Exit strategy is all important...
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